Why is my colour in your flag?

Interesting question from Orangeman Derick Perry. He begins by drawing attention to the treatment in the Irish capital of some of his colleagues, ie when they petitioned, “the Republic Of Ireland government to address grievances, they were denied by sectarian bigots who stood under the Green White and Orange. I draw attention to the discrepancy between what the flag purports to represent and how it is all too often used”. “To all those republicans who refuse full acceptance of the orange tradition as part of your nation I say, to deny us our place in Ireland is to deny the essence of the founding of the republic and by your own definition you are found wanting. If you wish to persuade the Orange majority that joining you in your country is a good idea, I suggest you start by living up to republican principles of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!”.

Paul at Northern Irish Magyar suspects this is a question that few Irish Republicans are ready to answer.