Shoukri not going easily…

THERE appears to be trouble bubbling under the surface in the UDA again in relation to the level of influence its North Belfast leaders have.

  • J Kelly

    It will be very sad if we all have to witness another UDA fued with dozen dead and hundreds having to flee to england or scotland. Who will defend ulster, a very sad prospect indeed.

    The funny thing about it all the security word i have to use for this post is party, do you think there is any connection

  • fair_deal

    one pack of crims wanting to replace another pack of crims.

  • Crataegus

    Can anyone explain to me any useful function the UDA performs? To me the term UDA is synonymous with, drug dealing, prostitution, racketeering, intimidation, racist attacks, murder and virtually any crime you chose to dream up.

    I for one would say that Andrea is probably where he belongs and hopefully Ihab will soon be following. If there is a long and bloody internal feud I won’t be weeping for any of them. Time the whole organisation was disbanded.

  • Yokel


    Pretty much the same useful role as their friends on the other ciggies and dvds. They all know how to appeal to the working class.

    The UDA has always been riddled with turf wars its been going on for decades. Sure they spent a large part of the Troubles defending their communities by doing bugger all other than doing up their houses and taking package holidays.

  • bond jamesbond

    just one bunch of PSNI & MI5 agents bumping off another bunch of PSNI & MI5 agents, seems like the securo-rats are undertaking alot of spring cleaning this year !

  • Shore Road Resident

    Sadly, the NIO and intelligence services will actually spend the summer trying to keep them all alive so they can accept their £33 million bribe.

    But if believing the exact opposite keeps your little world from crumbling, then be my guest.

  • GAK

    Funny thing about the brothers is that their mother is a Catholic.

  • Jaxs

    Forgive me but which one is in jail? Andrea or Reihab

  • GAK

    Andre the one with the gambling habit.

  • fair_deal

    No she isnt

  • Crataegus

    They are of Egyptian background aren’t they? Wonder if they are Coptic Christians? Cryptic would perhaps be a better description.

    Their position in the UDA always struck me as strange given that organisations well known generosity to anyone from further afield than Buckna.

  • Dr Strangelove

    If another feud did kick off then I would have to buy a new pair of ear plugs to silence the wailing from DUP / UUP politicans about how terrible it is that loyalist gunmen are turning their guns against fellow loyalist gunmen.

    How much of the policing resource would also be turned to stop the neanderthals from killing each other ? If as much resource was directed at them during “peace time” then there might be fewer of them leaching from their own community and bleeding it dry via their extensive extortion rackets.

    Funny how the courts seem to treat the UDA with such leniency.

  • nmc

    “Funny thing about the brothers is that their mother is a Catholic.”

    I heard that too…

  • Crataegus

    Dr Strangelove

    Good points.

    “Funny how the courts seem to treat the UDA with such leniency”.

    This has always troubled me.

    As worryingly, from direct experience, in the past the Police didn’t seem over keen to pursue the crimes they committed. It was as though some of them had a get out of jail free card. This brings us to the need for openness and honesty to enable us to constructively move forward and the malign role of the government in past events. Unfortunately all the murky deeds will never see the light of day but for many decent people it leaves a feeling of anger and betrayal. They were abandoned by those who were supposed to protect them whilst thugs were not only allowed to get on with every form of heinous crime imaginable but were even being bought of with tax payers money. The time to fall on this malign group a pursue them to extinction is long overdue.

  • Dr Strangelove

    Unfortunately Crataegus, I do not think your wish to see the UDA, and other paramilitaries for that matter, feeling the full force of the law will happen anytime soon.

    What iritates me is the impression purveyed by the media, Lynda Gilby take note, that they are a bunch of amateurs occupying the third tier of the podium of our homegrown paramilitaries. Whilst their energies are taken up by running their criminal empire, they retain an enormous capacity to kill.

    The fact that some of them are given legitimacy by Martin McAleese does not provide succour for those living in areas blighted by their presence.

  • fran

    I wonder was the loyalist shooting in North Belfast last night the start of the drug gangs sorting out their problems i.e shooting each other.

  • Crataegus

    Dr Strangelove

    “I do not think your wish to see the UDA, and other paramilitaries for that matter, feeling the full force of the law will happen anytime soon.”

    Alas I agree. Neither the PSNI nor the legal system inspire confidence, but hopefully we are wrong.


    I hope so and I hope it is never resolved whilst any of them walk this earth!

  • Sam

    What worries me is what will happen if/when Andre Shoukri is forced out of the UDA. Who will take over? Will they really make any difference to these vile drug dealers on our streets?

    I saw in a paper that Jimbo Simpson might be coming back from the mainland to take over when Shoukri is made to leave. Is that a good thing?