IRA’s future role…?

David Vance has unearthed what he thinks is a plan to keep Republican constituencies away from assuming a role in non state policing for the foreseeable future, through the agency of “community safety partnerships”. The source is a party document said to be in the possession of the Sunday Independent.


  • While the Tangled Web and the Sindo both suck to an inordinate degree and can safely be said to present their information in a wholesomely disinterested manner, the point is an interesting one, especially in light of the yet-to-be resolved Donaldson killing and what it says about a certain worldview.

    We have to be very careful about what kind of dispensation we’re creating in the peace process if we are to avoid the Sicilianisation of a society which is already intrigued up to the hilt. I drew a parallel between Italy and Ireland, with special reference to the North yesterday at, which I think has a bit of merit.

    See Norman Lewis’s The Honoured Society and Peter Robb’s Midnight in Sicily for interesting details

  • Jacko

    Just checked out
    An excellent site, now added to my Favourites list.
    Well done.

  • Thanks boss. Much appreciated.

  • Oilibhéar Chromaill

    Has anyone checked the SF website for this plan? After all that’s where the Sunday Independent got their top secret ‘SF plan to cause unrest’ splash last week…..

  • mick de dublin anarchist

    urm, they are statutory bodies that exist across the UK and have been debated for years in councils and in the brief period of the executive’s life:

    Not much of a story 🙂

  • Da Truth

    Good point, Olibhear.


    the secret document that you say is ‘in the possession’ of the Sunday Independent is actually on the Sinn Fein website, and in the possession of anyone who cares to access it.

    Just in passing I should say that the original Sindo article wouldn’t have looked out of place in Viz.

  • I’d just like to point out that I agree that the Sindo articles have been farcical in the extreme and that even by use of selective quoting the secret marxist plot they supposedly uncovered is merely the open statement of left-wing ideals.

    But the fact that those bodies are statutory doesn’t mean they can’t become the bailiwick of vested interests of an unappealing variety. My problem with SF – apart from the crime and terrorism of the republican movement – is the depth of its ability to rationalise its profoundly anti-democratic behaviour.