Slugger on the Economy…

I’ve just discovered a clever trick ‘new Slugger’ can do. If you click on any individual category it gives you the latest comment for that category only. In this case there have been some fascinating/useful discussions on the economy.

  • Joe

    You must have an operating system different from mine mick. That trick doesn’t work here! Or am I missing something?

  • German-American

    I think Mick is referring to the fact that if you go to the archives to see all posts for a given category (using the “Topics” links in the right side-bar), then the “Latest comments” section of the right sidebar shows only comments associated with posts in that category (in Mick’s example, comments on economics-related posts).

    This is indeed a useful feature. Of course, it’s also an excuse for Mick to try to get people participating in “fascinating/useful discussions” about something other than ATW, Denis Donaldson, November 24th, and that perennial favorite “Repartition: Northern Ireland’s final solution?”.

  • That’s a cool sort, those software bums have finally done something useful with code.

    Yet one thread with sixty-odd and another with fifty-odd, the rest with zzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

    Meanwhile the repartition thread is 566 and still going… and going… and going….

    Yes, it’s time to kill the Energizer Bunny. Something, yes something that is worthwhile has to sell.

    Howsabout a shinner socialist enterprise thread. Learn how a little wolfsbane and bat’s blood can turn bullshit into money.

    Follow it up with something topical, ….say energy, the harnessing of Unionist Fury into a stiff 500 Gigawatt wind that’ll put dem fellas at the ITER Tokamak to shame.

    Sex sells. Just peddle something other than tickets to Wilson’s romp, say something between Rhonda Paisley and Xena. Never say I didn’t give you enough latitude.

    Fealty lad, ya obviously haven’t found the intelligentsia so it’s time to put the Mick back in gimmick.

  • Yokel

    Smilin Jim, we should not lower ourselves into a sexual pit of depravity…more weighty and holy matters need dealing with…

    I want a thread on why most images of Jesus & the Virgin Mary in rocks, Doritos etc seem to be found in Mexico these days…given the whole re-think on Judas who will now be known as Judas the Facilitator, I want to know, was Mary actually Maria? Was Jesus a Jose?

  • Crataegus

    Smilin’ Jim

    The number of responses to what is basically irrelevant trivia merely reflects the depth of the problem and the limited outlook in NI. We have done repartition to death over and over and over again. Even slow learners know the arguments backwards. Anyway not on the table, won’t happen, waste of time.

    The Economy, Education and Health are real issues of a practical rather than theoretical interest, and therefore more difficult. Get it wrong in a theoretical debate loss of face, get it wrong in a business venture loose your shirt and get it wrong in the Health Service and people suffer or die.


    These are the sort of questions that get into the sub conscious and keep me awake at night. Where would Christianity be without Judas?