Sinn Fein “stoops down” to governments?

After all the bluster and threats of rejection Sinn Fein has announced it will enter the new shadow Assembly.

  • slug

    Excellent, excellent, excellent.

  • Pete Baker


    While no-one seriously expects any party to stay away from the initial 6 week period of the assembly.. perhaps you should wait for the actual response from SF before rushing out with extravagant headlines?

    As Adams states here

    “Over the coming days the Sinn Fein leadership will meet to discuss these proposals and our response to them.”

  • mickhall

    Very witty header fair deal.


  • middle-class taig

    why rock the boat when it’s going your way?

  • ingram

    Quote”why rock the boat when it’s going your way


  • fair_deal

    Peter Baker


    In GA’s own words

    “We welcome that the assembly has been brought together…we think that’s a good forward step…We would like to think that unionism generally would see it as a positive opportunity.”

    This is a volte face in the language and tone Sinn Fein has been using towards the governments proposals making the headline fair comment.


    “very witty”

    I couldn’t resist it 😉

    How’s about “Stoop Frequently”?

  • Pete Baker

    Of course you thought it was fair comment, fd.. that’s why you made it a question.

    The fact is that the one call SF have been making is for the Assembly to be reconvened and an attempt to appoint an Executive to be made.

    It’s what happens after those 6 weeks that’s important.

    The governments blinked [over the arrangement during those long summer months.]

  • observe3r

    The recall of the assembly is on SFs terms, it si not a shadow assembly, it has no powers, and it is desgined SOLEY to elect first and deputy first ministers

  • Keith M

    observe3r, please give us credit for some intelligence. 6 months for a hundred people to elect two, don’t make me laugh!

  • observer

    hey, in the last 3 and half years they havent done naything , so electing to people would be an achievement!

  • Joe

    “Stoop to conquer”?

  • CS Parnell

    Not a bullet, not an ounce.

  • Overhere

    Well if Paisley took time out from eating his birthday cake to denounce the package it must be good for everyone else.

    The only sad bit was that he did not do his “NEVER NEVER NEVER never” speech more like mumble mumble mumble I want my ball back

  • Reader

    Overhere: Well if Paisley took time out from eating his birthday cake to denounce the package it must be good for everyone else.
    The threat of Joint is meant to look like Joint Authority to unionists, and as mere ‘cooperation’ to nationalists. It’s a stick for both sides. The tactical response will veer between the “Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch” tactic, denunciations, and whatever else the parties can come up with. In response, the Governments will tune the threat with leaks and announcements, depending on whether the weekly stumbling block is SF and Policing, or DUP and power sharing.
    The whole business has never looked more like a poker game.