Congratulations to the Tele…

It looks like they’ve done very nicely at the CIPR/BT Press and Broadcast Awards, where they scooped website of the year – they’ve even got hotlinks embedded in the story (is there anyway we can enter this next year?). Congrats too to Clare Regan who won the Martin O’Hagan Memorial Bursary (cash attached, now that is a prize worth having). The Irish News scooped newspaper of the year, whilst the Sunday World took the Sunday section award.

  • Paddy McDuff

    Who was it up against?

  • joinedupthinking

    We weren’t congratulating the Tele much earlier on.
    Why the removal and is this thread compensation?
    I sincerely hope not!

  • Dave Beattie

    Must admit I never visited the Belfast Telegraph’s website. Just had a look and it is quite impressive. Well done.

  • Bill

    Luckily their inability to spell did not count against them.

  • Gerard Crosby

    Their website seems better than their newspaper!

  • P Ring

    Yes why the removal of the much subcribed to thread about the Tele’s unsubtle queerbashing. I tried to include a comment when 52 people had already debated only to find it removed.

    Regardless of the merits or lack of them of this publication, I opined that their attitude said more about ‘N.I.’ as a society as any host of blethering to do with when the assembly might reconvene or not. Why the censorship?

  • Oilibhéar Chromaill

    Congrats to all concerned at the BT awards.
    However, the real story is somewhere else.
    Lá today became the first newspaper in Ireland to podcast. At the moment, the podcast is available at It’s basic but it’s a start. And within the next few days it should be available on i-tunes according to well placed sources

  • Cuppy Egg

    Yes – why has the post/thread about the ‘Cottaging’ story in the Belfast Telegraph ( been removed? I am glad those behind the website had the good sense not to republish the photographs online.

  • James Barret

    Is it just me or is there more stuff on the Belfast Telegraph website than in their paper? The website seems to be quite different – which can only be a good thing.

  • Mick Fealty

    Cottaging story is awaiting a ‘legal sweep’ (when I can find the time) and will be restored asap.

  • Paddy McDuff

    So….who was it up against?

  • Joe McCallister

    Paddy McDuff – I’m guessing other news sites – bbc northern ireland, utv, irish news, news letter etc etc….

  • George Cousins

    utv’s website makes me feel ill…

  • Fake (milk) Shake

    I agree with George Cousins. What on earth is going on with UTV’s website? It is disgusting…surely they can afford a graphic designer or something?