Having done with philandering…

Since we’re on a theme of marriage and sexual politics, according to Yvonne Roberts we are marrying later and divorcing less.

  • Nadezhda

    It could be that it is harder for people in general to make something of themselves on the career scene. So it takes longer to be in a position to marry.

    One could also be forgiven for thinking that there are fewer decent prospective partners out there. People who know how to treat and respect others. Keeping secrets and being misleading. Are people in this country the most unromantic lot out there?

  • Animus

    I’m sure someone is more unromantic. I don’t think it’s that people take longer to be in a position to marry, after all, many of our parents married in their early 20s and were far poorer than we are today. Thirty years ago, a woman ended her career prospects upon marriage.

    More likely, the fact that people have greater financial independence means they can pick and choose – partners, jobs, travel, etc. We’re all kidults now, we don’t have to get married straight out of school/university but can take our time. Marriage is one of many options.

    Do you really think people were gentler and kinder in the old days? Is it not more likely people put up with more crap from partners?

    If you marry at 21 when your identity is still being formed, it makes sense that you may not last the course with your spouse.

  • Daisy

    [Most] People know more about what they want and are confident enough to go for it when they’re older than when they’re only in their 20s so it stands to reason that marriage at a later age would last longer.