Better to be inside engaging, than outside and raging..?

SNEAKY Parades Commissioner and Portadown Orangeman Don Mackay (who used a false reference in his application form) has been copping flak from nationalists today for saying he will fight the cause of the loyal orders “from inside the fence”. Someone who might appreciate Mr Mackay’s ‘Agent Orange’ methods is former IRA member Robert McLoughlin, who was turned down for a job in the PSNI watchdog, the Police Ombudsman’s office. Like Mackay, McLoughlin is alleged to have lied on his application to get inside the ‘enemy camp’. Rumours that Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly has a reference from Paisley for his Policing Board application remain unsubstantiated.

  • slug

    As far as I understood it Mackay put someone down as a referee without asking. Quite common to do – possibly more courteous to ask – and does not make him a LIAR.

  • Yokel

    I warned him…’Robert’ I said ‘dont put freedom figher down on your application’ only an idiot would beleve that’. Some people just don’t listen…

  • middle-class taig

    Curious title on Citybeat site. Why was it relevant that Mr McLoughlin is a catholic?

  • slug

    Good question from the “Middle Class Taig”.

  • Yokel


    Because people here have made it important and relevant. And no doubt you in your own way contribute to that as we all do.

  • darth rumsfeld

    “Why was it relevant that Mr McLoughlin is a catholic?” why is it relevant that you are MCT?

    Perhaps in both cases it’s relevant to noone but those who perceive everything in terms of religion

  • missfitz

    Just a thought. The role players who did the psni interviews come from a seperate agency. They are not working directly with Consensia, the agency that supplies the lay assessors.

    This sounds a bit strange to me, to be truthful. I can see a little difficulty with the IRA admission, and see where that might cause a small problem for a prospective investigator. The age thing seems like a red herring