Strategy for Unity?

The republican dream of Irish unification by 2016 is well-known but now the Sunday Independent claims (registration required) it has a copy of Sinn Fein’s 10 year plan discussed at a meeting in Gulladuff last February.

The document outlines the somewhat unoriginal approach of trying to create a mass movement with a network of sympathisers in key bodies. In the short term the claims that the demonisation of the PSNI is due to increase this year is the most interesting. This would cast doubt on the rumours Sinn Fein are preparing to take their seats on the Board (unless they intend to wage such a campaign from their Board seats) and possibly not a good omen for a quieter parading season too.

“…it stressed that, in the North this year, its main strategic move would be a campaign against the PSNI, on the grounds that it is regarded by the Provisional movement as a “political police force”. “