Further delay for Policing College?

It’s already a year behind schedule and when Hugh Orde was in Washington recently he offered to name the planned Police Training College after anyone who donated the estimated �40million shortfall in funding needed to build it. If the reports today are anything to go by, he didn’t manage to convince anyone to open their wallets. The Policing Board, and according to the BBC report, the leaders of all the parties, bar one, have formally written to the prime minister to highlight the problem. Until then, the suggestion is that the plans “have been put on hold”.As I noted previously, the introduction of a policing precept could, eventually, be used to raise those funds through the regional rates.. but that would require the Assembly to be sitting.. unless Peter Hain takes another executive decision..

  • Dessertspoon

    Don’t rule out an executive decision!

    What was Hugh thinking about did he really expect that anyone would want to hand over £40m just to get a sign with their name on it! The whole thing isn’t much of a surprise though,very few public sector building projects go according to plan.

  • BogExile

    I can just see the internal PSNI advertising blurb if it ever opens:

    ‘Get on the scent of the Cookstowm drizzle!’

    The £40m needed is probably the backhander to the local ‘retired’ ‘RA to stop some remodelling work not included in the PFI contract.

  • Martian Overlord

    lots of ex army barracks could be used, even present training camps, whats wrong with ballykinler?