Dave Wood: a poet’s grave…

Some of you may remember Dave Wood, who was our first attempt to have a poet in residence on Slugger. He’s from Derbyshire but worked annually in Irish schools and colleges for about ten years. Unfortunately the virtual end of his trip back in 2004 was disrupted somewhat by server problems, though he captured some it on his own blog set up for the purpose. Now he’s made his own, very idiosyncratic video for the BBC’s Video Nation project in Derby.

  • Snuff Box

    Liked the idea that if you wanted to visit the grave that you had to bring a flask and some biscuits. Was unsure if they were for the people who owned the meadow or as an offering for the dead chap! I wouldnt mind people bringing me tea and biscuits when I’m six feet under.

    Unfortunately I think there are rules about being buried and I would guess that the back of someone’s garden isnt allowed otherwise everyone would be doing it.

  • mickhall

    Idiosyncratic indeed, why is the old boy looking for his last resting place, is he on the way out? The problem with the Poet thing is many cemeteries/ grave yards do not allow anything but name and date plus some daft quote from a religious book, not even say mick instead of michael. Even in death the powers that be like to flex their muscles.

    I think you can be bured in private property which a garden would come under, perhaps?

    Regards to all.

  • stephen