McGuinness: move on, nothing more to see here

Martin McGuinness, after laying out his party’s conditions for resuming the institutions of the Belfast Agreement, proposes the government kill it off: “If the DUP are not prepared to play their part in all of that, then the two governments should just get on with it. The Assembly should effectively be abolished, the wages should be stopped and the two governments should press on with the all Ireland agenda.”


  • fair_deal

    “laying out his party’s conditions for resuming the institutions of the Belfast Agreement”

    Whatever happened to no preconditions 😉

  • Betty Boo

    Nothing, Fair Deal, nothing at all.

  • Tom

    First time in years that I agree with Sinn Fein – let the governments get on with it –

  • Clever words from McGuinness there: SF is slowly turning their United Ireland agenda into an attainable All Ireland agenda. Or am I being a bit slow and copping on to something that has been going on for years?

    Dublin’s interests match this sort of thing as well: they can have de facto joint sovereignty, to the degree that they have a role in shaping London’s Northern Ireland agenda, and have the Brits actually pay for the place. There is nothing more wonderful in politics than having your cake and eating it.

  • Occasional Commentator

    Does anybody have a link covering this quote or further information?

  • bo’shank

    Wonderful. Let the hardballing begin and watch the DUP and Sinn Fein talk tough. Weeks of Steven Segal worthy political dialogue and pantomime politics to follow.

    It’s all nonsense of course, DUP will share power with Sinn Fein when the political cover is there and Sinn Fein will share power with DUP and accept the interim arrangement if they want a foothold in the South.

    Governments will placate both sides and act as referee. God it’s depressing.