New president lays down the law

The surprise new UUP Party President John White has set out his stall.

In his first interview the former councillor has adopted the blunt approach to the party’s difficulties.

“”We must stop the internal bickering”
“We must not allow the big personalities to de-rail the party.”
“If we’re not on the same hymn sheet, don’t sing.”
“”We must treat those who have the courage to voice their concerns with respect and we must recognise that if we continue to lose members, we face oblivion”
“At recent meetings of the executive we have discussed, with some difficulty, the need for greater transparency in our financial affairs. Such a development would greatly assist our decision-making.”

While internal wranglings of the UUP may have slipped from the headlines with their electoral decline, it would appear the key anti-agreement personnel and ordinary members leaving the UUP has not led to the predicted harmony. Who are the big personalities? Can civility be restored? Why are some so unwilling to be transparent about the UUP’s finances?

  • pakman

    The new president is the physical embodiment of the current UUP.

    Oh dear.

  • More young blood….

  • GWB

    Wouldn’t it be odd for the President of the UUC (predicessors Joe Cunnigham, George Clarke and Lord Brookeborough amongst others) was a 18 year old?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    The new UU officer team was described in one report as a victory for the progressives, IIRC. Is this true? And why did Lord Rogan step down so unexpectedly to allow Mr White in? There seems to have been a degree of surprise at his decision.