Goldilocks and the two bears…

Mark Durkan with another of his memorable sound bites: “People are treating the process like Goldilocks treated the porridge, saying ‘this is not just right and that is not just right’. We want parties tested, and in the event that they don’t form an executive, then the fallback should be the minimum deviation possible from the Good Friday agreement.” Anyone for fudge?

  • pakman

    Durkin used to be mildly amusing.

    Not even that any more.

  • dodrade

    I think he would make a better speech writer than a party leader.

  • godsdog


    Heaven forbid he would inflict those speeches on someone else.!!!
    The sooner the rudderless SDLP can chop Mark and put Alisdair in as leader the better for the party and the better for the north.

  • pakman

    Alisdair is going to loose his Westminster seat at the next election – does that make him leadership material?

  • J Kelly

    What about Alex for leader.

    On a serous note again we see the SDLP blinking first these people told us they were for 100% for the agreement now even before negotiations open hes looking for the least deviation possible. Half a loaf politics is no good to anyone.

  • pakman

    J Kelly

    SDLP deviants?

  • godsdog

    Pak, I am not sue if the SDLP have a policy of that the leader must be an MP, If that was the case then i suspect they may not have a leader post 2009 as they wont have any MPs.

  • Glen Taisie

    An 1982 Sinn Fein election leaflet in West Belfast for Maskey and Adams, had three bullet (pardon the pun)points.

    1. No to a Return to Stormont
    2. No to the Unionist Veto
    3. No to Unemployment

    The third was beyond their control but post 1998 they could be argued to be supporting the first two.