From Revolution to Rebranding

To mark the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising, the Daily Ireland will be no more but like a phoenix from the flames “The Republican Daily” will be born.Anton McCabe, contributor to the Daily Ireland and the Sunday Business Post, was granted an interview with ANG boss Mairtin O’Muilleior about the future plans of the paper.

Daily Ireland seems to be struggling to develop its own brand loyalty with 50% of readers taking it as their second paper and O’Muilleoir admits that the papers difficulties have been more than a lack of government advertising. Apparently the public don’t realise the paper has a republican outlook:

‘‘At this time, a lot of people don’t know we have Republican columnists like Patricia McKenna, Damien Kiberd and Tommy McKearney,”

The political situation has also had a knock-on effect on the paper:

“When we launched, it was the worst time for Republicans for ten years. Several things happened which we weren’t expecting.”

The strategy to get to break-even point in the next three years is through a focus on the southern market particularly Dublin (which surely undermines the value for money for Northern Ireland public advertising) and in the longer-term expand the journalist team. Interestingly, they are talking to the Newstalk 106, recently accused of sectarian reporting over the victims parade in Dublin, about advertising the paper.

  • Yokel

    If it isn’t working go fix it, standard business practice and at least this time no nonsense, its the Republican Daily, clear positioning.

    They also leared that people up North are creatures of habit ….pretty obvious considering the unelievably blinkered, no change view of most of the population…not so much Go West as Go South..makes sense.

    Fot those that think its all a great poke in the eye for republicanism forget it, its poor business sense and naiviety that screwed it up so far. Rebranding to et it right is not exceptional

    That attempt to sue Invest NI is laughable for that amount of money, even companies employing hundreds don’t get that kind of cash.

  • mickhall

    Daily Ireland was always a dreadful name designed to get a hand into the honey pot of public investment etc. That name reminds of the Trotskyists in the UK Workers Revolutionary Party back in the 1970s. They turned there weekly paper, The Workers Press into a daily and called it the Newsline. Only to find out the Conservative Party published a paper under that title.

    I disagree with Fair Deal on the use of NI public money in the south. It might be a good thing to advertise jobs etc down there and vice-versa with the ROI doing the sane in the north. Or would some see this as sleight of hand reunification.

    Regards to all.

  • urquhart

    So farewell then Daily Ireland. All that brand building advertising budget flushed down the loo.

    Does anyone, anyone believe that the job of getting ANY advertising, from private or public sector is going to be made easier by rebranding as The Republican Daily???

    The problem was that it sounded like a partisan rag and advertisers aren’t interested in party newsletters – this rebrand only confirms and deepens that problem.

    I suppose An Phoblacht / Republican News could rebrand as The Republican Weekly and they could offer advertisers a deal?

  • Spailpín

    Daily Ireland’s priblems arise from a simply point: its just a rubbish paper.

    Any paper that slavishly followes a Party line cannot thrive in a modern media savvy populace.

    Papers can be generally pro-liberalisation/pro-conservative/pro-liberal but slavishly pro-one party just doesnt cut it.

    Pro-shinner is NOT pro-republican thats the real problem. Slavishly baching shinner anti-republican antics ie mccartney/bank theft/constant ‘whataboutery’ just undermines the paper.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    It’s incredibly ‘heavy’ too – very po-faced.

  • Oilbhéar Chromaill

    Though it’s tiresome, monotonous and dreary, on occasion it’s amusing and entertaining to read the reactions of the usual suspects to any story to do with Daily Ireland.
    One wonders what they will do if this newspaper were to disappear?
    And for Belfast Gonzo to describe it as ‘po faced’ – now that’s irony for you.
    I don’t regard it as following any particular party line, not in the way for instance that the Sunday Independent ‘slavishly’ follows the PD/McDowell line as exemplified in last Sunday’s interview.
    Or the way the Irish News follows ‘slavishly’ the SDLP line. Or a host of other papers advance their own particular view point.
    I think the problem here is that urquhart, spailpin and co have a problem with republicanism as most revisionists do. And Daily Ireland is a convenient target.

  • mickhall

    Oilbhar Chromaill,

    You may be right, however in the very least they are highlighting the fact there is a daily ‘republican’ newspaper in the market place.
    I actually believe DI [and i hope they change the name to Republican Daily or some such] has done reasonably well since its start up, especially with the resources at its disposal. Can an all Ireland paper which is based in the regions and not the capital succeed, that is the question. As it is I doubt it would be the first choice for even its more committed supporters in the south.

    The key to success for DI/RD is to find a way to attract Ireland’s youth, after all it was young people who originally built the PRM.


  • urquhart

    OC, you say: “I think the problem here is that urquhart, spailpin and co have a problem with republicanism as most revisionists do.”

    Just to clear up any confusion, I don’t know about any of the others, but I have no problem at all with Republicanism and have no idea why you think I have.

    Although I have always had a problem with the gangsters of the provisional movement who set back the cause of Republicanism by about three generations, but it’s not new – I’ve held it since they started shooting innocent people and dumping them naked in the ditches. So I’m not sure where the ‘revisionist’ label comes from either.

    But like your post, that’s well off the subject. I was simply pointing out that Daily Ireland will soon discover that formalising their perceived role as an SF newsletter in the title will do no good for their attempts to lure private, or public sector advertisers.

    But I may be wrong and you may be right – like all these things OC, time will tell.