From Revolution to Rebranding

To mark the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising, the Daily Ireland will be no more but like a phoenix from the flames “The Republican Daily” will be born.Anton McCabe, contributor to the Daily Ireland and the Sunday Business Post, was granted an interview with ANG boss Mairtin O’Muilleior about the future plans of the paper.

Daily Ireland seems to be struggling to develop its own brand loyalty with 50% of readers taking it as their second paper and O’Muilleoir admits that the papers difficulties have been more than a lack of government advertising. Apparently the public don’t realise the paper has a republican outlook:

‘‘At this time, a lot of people don’t know we have Republican columnists like Patricia McKenna, Damien Kiberd and Tommy McKearney,”

The political situation has also had a knock-on effect on the paper:

“When we launched, it was the worst time for Republicans for ten years. Several things happened which we weren’t expecting.”

The strategy to get to break-even point in the next three years is through a focus on the southern market particularly Dublin (which surely undermines the value for money for Northern Ireland public advertising) and in the longer-term expand the journalist team. Interestingly, they are talking to the Newstalk 106, recently accused of sectarian reporting over the victims parade in Dublin, about advertising the paper.

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