Charles: UK emissary to Islam…

One of the things that commentators across the board agreed was faintly absurd was the connotation within Tony Blair’s protestant bigot remarks last week that the errant behaviours of a few individuals should reflect critically on a whole religion. Prince Charles it seems has been mending some fences that may have been inadvertantly broken through some of the harsher polemic of “The War on Terror”.

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  • Hmm.. not sure where the mending fences comes in, Mick.

    What he is doing in that speech, however, as Brian Whitaker notes, is tackling the real clash that’s taking place within both major religions – the one between a neo-literalist reverence of religious writings [cf the neo-creationists] and the interpretative tradition.

    As Brian Whitaker points out, the significance is that he made the speech at a centre of that neo-literalism within Islam… and argued in favour of a re-emergence of the interpretative tradition.

  • topdeckomnibus

    So Prince Charles, from “The Great age of faith”, implies he has knowledge of the “Art of interpretation of texts” ?

    “And also sundry grievous offenders, by colour thereof claiming an exemption, have escaped the punishments due to them by the laws and statutes of this your realm, by reason that divers of your officers and ministers of justice have unjustly refused or forborne to proceed against such offenders …. upon pretence that the said offenders were punishable only by martial law, and by authority of such commissions as aforesaid; which commissions are … wholly and directly contrary to the said laws and statutes of your realm”

    “And we will that if any judgement be given contrary to the points of the charters …. it shall be undone and holden for naught”

    Is this an art of interpretation which would stand a revival in this age of FRU and police no go areas associated somehow with the late Airey Neave ….

  • Prince Dhimmi seems a more apt title…..shameful performance from him.

  • Fintan, Portaoise

    Is that the guy who said he wished he was a tampax and has a liveried flunky to squeeze his toothpaste for him? Get real, you Unionist fools, monarchy is a huge joke.

    By the way, will he be called King Charles the Third when his mum croaks – and how will that be pronounced in the Republic of Ireland?

    I bet some of our own National Cringe toadies in the media and politics will start taking elocution lessons to get the “th” diphthong right, but the rest of us will stay as we are.

  • Stephen Copeland

    Fintan, Portlaoise,

    … how will that be pronounced in the Republic of Ireland?

    Not everyone speaks wit a nort-soide accent, you know! In my part of the world we can do ‘th’ quite well.

  • Joe

    When in junior school many many moons ago, we had a teacher who hailed from the south. During a maths class he asked if anyone knew what twenty threes was. the class wit replied “would that be a small forest sir?”

  • Fraggle

    What a fool this Charles is. The electorate should throw him out next time he’s up for election.