McDowell: Ahern May Cosy Up To Sinn Fein

Having suffered a humiliating retreat following his targeting of the Greens and Fine Gael in recent days, Justice Minister Michael McDowell has returned to type and renewed his attacks on Sinn Fein in an interview where he flags up the prospect of Ahern approaching the party to form a coalition. Whilst the verbals may keep his profile up and owe more to scare tactics than anything more substantial, the latest opinion poll ahead of next year’s General Election indicates Sinn Fein’s support rising to the pre-2005 levels. The poll suggests the Greens are also on the up, whilst Fianna Fail have slid to 33%, down 2% on last month.

  • Sohnlein

    Why do you think the skeletons are being cleared out of the cupboard; Slab, Flynn etc, without too much comment….prpearing the ground.

  • Yoda


    Can you substantiate what you say, or are you guessing?

  • richard head

    so what your saying is Sinn Fein is selling out it’s most influentuall volunteers & brigades to work with ahern? that sounds spot on regarding martin ingram saying there are higher people than denis donaldson in sinn fein that are informing & helping neutre republicans for the brits

  • dave

    FF will not enter coalition with SF full stop.

  • “FF will not enter coalition with SF full stop.”

    Imagine how we felt when Nixon went hobnobbing with his Commie buddies Zhou Enlai and Mao.

    Then there was that wee cuddle with the Worker’s Party that Charlie Haughey pranced through.

    Besides the chuckies do not have to be in government to control it. All they need is the capability to destroy it.

    The object of power is power.

  • pol

    The question is, would Sinn Féin want to dirty their hands by entering government with any of the brown envelope brigade.
    I think they would have to clean up there act before Sinn Féin would even consider entering into a coalition.

  • Fintan, Portaoise


    “I think they would have to clean up there act before Sinn Féin would even consider entering into a coalition.”

    You’re probably right about that. Sinn Fein know well that when you lie down with dogs you’re likely to end up doing a lot of scratching sooner or later.

    Still on the subject of dogs, part of McDowell’s problem is that his tiny party (less than a third of SF’s support in the latest poll) is the tail that wags the coalition dog far too much. Fianna Fail must be getting uneasy about that. His blustering, bullying style and his loose-cannon comments are just a smoke screen to take attention away from the lousy way he is doing his job. When my home was burgled and, much later, a Garda arrived to investigate, he was told that nothing had been touched in case they wanted to dust for fingerprints. His reply was: “Ah sure I never finished that course.” Then there’s the mess in Donegal and a whole lot more. McDowell is a prime candidate for defection to FF if his party starts shrinking further before the next election. Will he then leave it again if Ahearn does manage to persuade SF that the brown envelope days are over and the two parties can work out a coalition agreement?