DUP Cross Border, Embrace Island Politics To Save The Boyne

DUP MLA Jim Wells has joined with local residents in Meath to lobby the Irish government in opposition to proposals which would see an Incinerator sited near to the scene of the Battle of the Boyne. This would appear to be the first time DUP representatives have involved themselves in domestic politics of the southern state.Taken together with the news that Sinn Fein are pressing the Dept. of Culture, Arts and Leisure in the North to purchase an original copy of the Irish National Anthem, could there be grounds for a united front from the two parties over these matters of historical and cultural importance to both communities in the north?

  • Pete Baker

    The difference between the two issues being, as noted in the Irish Independent report, the plan for a domestic waste incinerator at Carranstown in Co Meath and Irish Cement’s proposal to increase the height of its chimney stacks nearby from 100 metres to 125 metres are close to the Archaeological Ensemble of the Bend of the Boyne which has, in fact, been designated as a WORLD heritage site, regardless of the DUP’s particular interest.

    It would be more indicative of a united front if SF also lodged an objection to those plans.. along with the DUP.


    Anyone who was appalled and disgusted by the sight of the Taliban in Afghanistan blowing up that Bhuddist statue should be just as angry at this proposed act of state vandalism.
    Though it has to be said, the Irish state have a cross community approach to the destruction of historic sites.
    Anyone following the planned routing of the M3 motorway through the Tara-Skryne valley will know what I mean.

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  • mark


    The DUP have [i]united[/i] with [url=http://www.sinnfein.ie/news/detail/8679]Sinn Féin’s[/url] campaign against this incinerator.

  • Pete Baker


    “Sinn Féin has lodged a formal appeal with the Environmental Protection Agency against the granting of a Waste Licence to Indaver Ireland to operate an incinerator at Carronstown in Meath.”

    Don’t tell me.. tell Chris.. although considering that the statement you’ve referenced is from 26 February, 2005, I suspect that particular appeal has already been rejected?

  • Yoda

    I realize the post was designed to eradicate rational discussion and no doubt violate the sibling of Godwin’s law (call it Usama’s law), but equating the Taliban’s actions with those of the Irish government is laughably obtuse.

    And since it probably needs to be said, I’m NOT saying the current plans are perfect. the old and the new will have to co-exist. Plain and simple.



    I think it equally reprehensible to destroy a site of cultural and historical significance, whether one worships Allah or Mammon.
    I stand by my post.

  • Good grief

  • Yoda

    I stand by my post.

    That’s what makes it so hard to take seriously.

  • observer

    i wish the DUp would stop meddling in the internal affairs of another state

  • M.Gibbs, Chicago

    It’s always nice to see the DUP and Sinn Fein agreeing on something. It just goes to show that they might find other things to agree on if they looked hard enough. Unless they are operated to the highest standards all the time and there are absolutely no equipment failures, incionerators can spew a vast range of harmful substances into the atmosphere. That includes dioxins, which are dangerous carcinogenes. Cancer kills Catholics and Protestants with a total disregard for religion. Reuse, recycle, reduce – those are the three Rs that must be learned if we want to tackle the waste problem. An eternal optimist, I can’t wait for the first joint DUP/SF pilgrimage to a forest for a little tree hugging together.

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    Chris, did you know these news items were coming out and lead PB down the path or did he just jump without thinking that things might back fire.

    PB …”Tell you what, …, you pay for it. Since, by some accounts, it’s only ..’a few fields’..anyway.. ”

    Hypocracy of the highest order.