Assassin’s Gate: America in Iraq

Jon Stewart talks to George Packer, a staff writer on the New Yorker about his new book on America in Iraq . Talking on the Jon Stewart Show, it Sounds like a refreshing critique (video) of an issue that all too often splits people into for and against camp.


  • His interview with Charlie Rose is longer and more revealing. It may even be available for a few bucks on Rose’s web site.

    For those of you who are looking for freebie’s you might still find some issues of the New Yorker where Packer works.

    I’m one of the guys Mencken described as the cynic who when he smells flower looks for the coffin. The Assassin’s Gate is a description of how this slow motion train wreck started but still doesn’t give you a clue on where to look for a brakeman.

    Beware gods with a sense of humor.

  • alib

    This is the book to read about how we blundered towards Baghdad.

    How a President whose campaign ticket said he didn’t do nation building didn’t do nation building. The tragic Iraqi exiles who mistook Saddam’s war battered country for the potentially happy place they’d left in the 70s.

    It’s a fair minded book with few out right villains and some tales of heroic failure.