Guardian: our first real ‘ad deal’

After several years of carping about lack of money, Slugger finds itself the beneficiary of Guardian Unlimited’s first serious attempt to jump into the warm, choppy waters of Web 2.0. That banner ad on the side bar will bring Slugger in its first chunk of serious ad revenue – so don’t be afraid to use it all day and everyday as an easy jump to some great raw material and links to UK and International politics. Glenn Patterson has his second piece up there now and I should have something on the Bigot row myself as soon as their editors get round to clearing the backlog of pending blog pieces. Lot’s of good stuff, from the New Statesman, the American Spectator, Jeff Jarvis, and loads of others. Try this piece from David Clark for a read in on anti Semitism and the intellectual debate.

  • Pete Baker

    Woo-hoo! 😉

  • i will make it my mission to click that button 🙂


    Ah, Glen Patterson, great writer, I had meant to mention his name when we were talking about talent emanating from the Unionist community.
    His book The International is probably my favourite modern novel of Northern Ireland.

  • Mick Fealty

    Indeed TAFKABO.

  • Mick Fealty
  • heck


    if we ever meet in person I assume this means that you are paying for the beer.


  • Mick Fealty

    That’s a lot of beer all round then!!

  • TL

    Anything I can do to help…on my way.

  • Joe

    I’m faintly disappointed that the ad for “The Killing Of The Celts” or whatever it was has gone. Did anyone else ever actually click that? It was one of the most utterly mental websites I’ve ever seen.

  • SlugFest


    i did … and it was quite freaky, wasn’t it? from the pov of someone in marketing, it never really sold the book, either.

  • Rory

    Hooray! it’s nearly enough to make me want to go out and buy a copy of The Guardian. Fortunately sobriety, in all its cruelty, will probably intercede betwixt now and morn.

    The only trouble, with my oul tortured conscience, is that I had been thinking that I really should be sending in a few miserable bobs of my own meagre pittance in return for the pleasure and education that the site provides. Then sanity prevailed and I thoght ” Bugger it. He’s young enough, he’ll thrive regardless”.

    But I’m damned if I’ll let any mealy mouthed liberal organ upstage me. So as soon as I have worked out the means and the methods with my personal financial advisor (herself) large, regular amounts, which may be measured in pennies, will be winging your way.

  • TL

    I was feeling a tug of guilt myself. Mick working himself to the bone and us doing nothing to help. Time to buck up.

  • TL

    Ok now I feel even more guilty for not giving more…I’ll donate more often Mick I promise.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin


    “He’s young enough, he’ll thrive regardless”.

    Past forty and counting… I’m old enough (just) to remember “the smell of sixties Porter”…

    Seriously though, anything in the pot is always appreciated…

  • TL

    my god it is as if I said nothing

  • Mick Fealty

    Eeek. Sorry TL. Many many thanks for the donation. It is very much appreciated!

  • TL

    I’m glad it all came up because I never noticed that donate button before.