Independent and ‘Tele’ profits up

INM’s UK division, which includes the Belfast Telegraph in its folio, reports an 11pc increase in operating profits to €15.1m.

  • Then why the hell are they cutting one third of their journalism staff, loads of their advertising staff and most importantly, their copy taking staff.

    Word in the Hewitt has it that the copy takers are being moved to Leeds.. I have been in Leeds and it is hard enough trying to understand them and they had enough difficulty understanding me and the Northern Ireland accent.

    Heaven help us all

  • mnob

    … and I wonder how much corporation tax they pay

  • Shore Road Resident

    Why do newspapers need copy-taking staff these days? Can’t they just give everyone a laptop?

  • Bob

    I understood that the regional press in general had been struggling and that despite the Tele increasing circulation advertising revenues were falling. Success of the UK business doesn’t necessarily imply that changes at the BT weren’t warranted.