Of polarities and contradiction (on the left and other places)

John Lloyd on Comment for Free on the importance of exploring the new polarity within the international left over the Iraq war and the concept of international intervention generally. Looks set to become an engaging conversation.

  • TL

    Interesting debate and any conversation that includes the likes of “It’s rather like if someone released killer bees in Chiswick in order to kill Jeremy Clarkson, and then you said “christ it was a stupid idea, releasing those killer bees, Chiswick is intolerable these days” as an analogy for the Iraq war has my attention.

  • DK

    Nick Cohen has been banging his drum for some time now in his Observer column to try and get the message across that there are worse things out there to oppose than the good ole’ US of A.

    My enemies enemy is my friend – or as Churchill put it after allying with Stalin: “If Hitler invaded Hell, I would at least make a favourable remark about Satan in this house”.

    The question the left is struggling with is what is worse: the despotic USA or the various despotic regimes of the world that it has conflict with.

    However, the USA as a democracy (of sorts) is frequently changing from within. Most of the regimes it faces can only be changed by an outright confrontation.

    In the absence of a Nelson Mandela Greenpeace Freedom Army, we’ll have to rely on the Yanks to get the boot stuck in to the despots and do the dirty work for us for the forseeable future.