Alliance finally to move into Queens…

Surprisingly for a thirty year old party, the Alliance is only now getting round to organising (officially at least) at Queens University in Belfast. They may be hoping they haven’t left it too late! And the Gown blog reports they may be followed by a Fianna Fail society. Mind you, we’ve heard similar rumours in the past (and here), which have so far failed to materialise.

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  • Rory

    Well, I suppose rhey may as well move into Queens, they sure as hell won’t be moving into anywhere else anytime soon, certainly not anywhere that requires electoral support to do so anyway.

  • Pat_Bateman

    Motion 11 and others state that it is Ógra Fianna Fáil’s policy to begin the recruitment campaign in NI.

  • Stephen Copeland


    I wanted to ask you an ad hominem question a while back, but forgot. A thread on the futility of the Alliance Party organising in Queens seems like a good place to pose it, though.

    Is your name really Pat Bateman, or are you just a Brett Easton Ellis fan like myself? If you really are called PB, then my heart goes out to you …

  • Pat_Bateman

    Alas my name is not Pat Bateman…..he is merely cover for my online rantings. BTW I have seen others use PB as a pseudonym so there must be more Brett Easton Ellis fans out there……Great writer…..’Another Martini Paul?’

  • traditional unionist

    hopefully they’ll be given rough treatememnt for posting notices on union notice boards when they’re not a recognised society. they seem to be given preferencial treatement

  • Young Fogey

    Alliance were organised in Queen’s from its foundation until the late 1990s. This re-organisation is a healthy sign of revival.

  • fair_deal

    “rough treatememnt for posting notices on union notice boards ”

    Ahh the rough and tumble of student union politics. What a waste of time it truly was..

  • As I said on the gown I welcome hearing a wider range of differing views within the union. Good luck with this venture

  • IJP

    Not quite, Mick.

    The Society already exists as YF suggests, but it is being relaunched, this time as a forum for a liberal, progressive political agenda rather than a branch directly within the party.

    To that end, the Society will be largely event-based. Young people are losing interest in party politics beyond the sectarian extremes, but they are still politically motivated (anti-racism network, make poverty history, etc etc) and we want to provide a route in to making those issues more central to the party-political agenda.

  • darth rumsfeld

    .. it’ll never take off.
    Students nowadays don’t go for wine and cheese.I’m told it’s e tabs and bacardi breezers for our future elite