George Best Airport it is…

PA carry a story announcing that Belfast’s City Airport is to be renamed after the footballing legend from Cregagh!


  • BogExile

    Will there be any implication for Duty Free limits 🙂

  • In the tv programme, Scrubs, one of the senior doctors, Dr Cox I think. The angry one, not the older one, well anyway he says to the younger doctors “You can’t come to work drunk, you’re not airline pilots”

    I think this is a farce to name an airport after someone who continually went to work drunk and made his living by being drunk.

    I for one will always call it City Airport. It’s just fashion of the moment to call it after George, at least Liverpool waited 20 years before re naming their airport.

    George Best will be nothing more than a answer in the Dog and Duck’s Friday night pub quiz in 20 years time.

  • Young Fogey

    Planes will perform gravity defying loop the loops over Cave Hill, cruise Hong Kong style past Windsor House, turn on a dime over the Albertbridge Road, before losing control and beginning to twitch alarmingly over Sydenham and then break off a wheel on landing…

  • Dec

    …before finally punching an air hostess in the face.

  • Baluba

    Absolutely disgraceful that an airport should be named after a drunken wife-beater.

    Scandalous. Just goes to show that domestic violence is still tolerable in society, especially if you’re famous.


  • eranu

    george best was one of the best footballers the world has seen. hes definately the most famous, high achieving and the coolest person to come out of NI. the whole country was proud of him. that far outweighs any negative side to him.

    but, the name of the airport isnt good. ‘George Best Belfast City Airport’ its too long and people will just call it ‘the city’ still. if its the intention to only have his name on the sign and people still call it the city, then thats fine. but if they want people to actually refer to it as george best… then they need a shorter name. what about ‘george best airport’ which would be refered to as ‘gba’ ?

  • Stephen Copeland

    The naming of an airport after a person (any person) is daft unless (like JFK) it is one of the world’s top airports. Belfast City is a very minor regional airport, and thus will always need the ‘Belfast’ label attached to it in order that people know where the hell it is!

    ‘Belfast Best’? Sounds crap to me.

  • Baluba

    ‘the whole country was proud of him.’

    No they weren’t.

  • Jim

    Why don’t the name it after someone who deserves it like Pat Jennings. A true gentleman and someone everyone respects. George Best was a great period on the domestic stage for a few years. After that he was just an embarrassment.

  • smcgiff

    ‘Why don’t the name it after someone who deserves it like Pat Jennings.’

    The man’s still alive for one!

  • Busty Brenda

    Why not just leave it as it is.

    As far as I am concerned aldergrove is still aldergrove, call it international if you like, it’s still aldergrove to me.

  • Bemused

    Utter. Fucking. Disgrace.

    We are now officially the laughing stock of Western Europe. Best was a bum. We’ve now dragged ourselves into the gutter with him.

    Like some of the previous posters it will continue to be the ‘city’ airport to me.

  • eranu

    george best was a world famous footballer, ask pele!. something great from a small place like northern ireland. thats why people are prepared to rename an airport after him. everyone loves pat jennings too but he wasnt quite as big. possibley he should get some sort of award for sticking to his guns when it comes to hair styles.. 🙂

  • Realist

    A fitting tribute to the finest footballer ever to come from this island.

    “We are now officially the laughing stock of Western Europe”

    Er…no, we’re not!

    Very sad to see wee “Jinky” Johnston pass away recently too…a player who meant a hell of a lot to many people and a siperb player, albeit he also had his demons to fight.

  • Why not? Airports these days are about as glamorous as roundabouts.

  • Young Fogey

    The man’s still alive for one!

    That doesn’t stop Castlereagh Council naming things after Peter Robinson, does it?

  • Shuggie McSporran

    Have yous heard the latest?

    They’re going to rename the West Link the “Best Link”

    Coz everyday – it’s blocked by lunchtime.

  • Canadian

    Good one Shuggie!!!!

  • brendan,belfast

    Bemused says “we’re now officially the laughing sstock of Western Europe” – what did he do, take a poll? Renaming the airport makes us a laughing stock? wise up.

    Best the footballer is being honoured – whats wrong with that? if people want to talk about this city for a reason other than the shit thats been going on for years, then well done City Airport. And if anyone wants to keep on callign it the ‘City Airport’ i would say thats alright too.

    Pat Jennings is from Newry so that wouldnt be appropriate.

    calm down people, its a good thing.

  • dodrade

    I have nothing against George Best being commerated, but I don’t think naming an airport after him is really the best way to do it. It would have been much more sensible to name the new national stadium after him if/when it was built. I’m sure they will build a statue of him somewhere anyway.

    Besides, renaming something is commeration on the cheap and a bit tacky. John Lennon would probably have burst out laughing at the thought of naming Speke Airport after him, then told them to wise up.

    Besides, many people still think of it as Belfast Harbour Airport, never mind Belfast City or George Best Airport.

    And don’t many streets in America named after people often get quietly changed back after a few years? I think that happened to a Street named after Bon Jovi.

  • G-man

    I agree with an earlier post suggesting that it was too early to name anything after George Best.
    Although he is a hero to many he is not exactly an ideal role model. Sounds like someone is trying to make a name for themselves by being the person who “made it happen.”

    I think it’s right that George is commemmorated somehow but the relevant authorities should have waited a year or two after George’s passing before making a final decision. Personally I feel a statue somewhere reasonably prominent (City Hall grounds, Laganside, Cornmarket ?) would have been most appropriate.

  • Instead of an airport they should name a real ale after George.. Best Brew or something to that effect. It’ll be a helluva lot better than naming an airport after him that’s for sure.

  • IJP

    We are now officially the laughing stock of Western Europe

    I thought we already were…?

    If we must go down this like, surely Joey Dunlop, a man who not only reached the pinnacle of his sport but stayed there, and who spent every summer on charity missions without seeking the remotest publicity for them, was a better candidate?

  • Brendan, Belfast

    Come on IJP – Joey Dunlop was from Bally somewhere or other, certainly not Belfast.

    Its the Belfast City Airport – George was a Belfast man (Belfast boy in fact!) – doesn’t Joey have somewhere in the country named after him already??

  • Exile, London

    Belfast Best?!, this is just wrong, we have had more famous people than that, Roy Walker, Gloria Huuniford, the lead singer from Snow Patrol…?? We are going to run out of airports with all these world beaters….City of Derry, that wee small one in Ferm. – D’anglo – we need to stop naming them after people esp. drunks, we’ll only get a name for ourselves.

  • TL

    Everyone gets all worked up when someone dies and has to name something after them….it seems like it is human nature. Then we have to spend the rest of our natural lives dealing with it. There should be a manditory ‘cooling off period’ before renaming anything. I think we’ve got it worse in the states with the abomination that is “Ronald Reagan” airport.

  • Keith M

    I personally don’t believe in naming airports after people, but given some of the other ever sillier names (JFK in New Tork FFS, Louis Armstrong, John Lennon) then Best is by far the best known person from the city.

  • srm

    I can’t believe that this would be tolerated. The man was a great player, but frankly, on an international level, he is more infamous than famous. If your wish is to present a modern, respectable face to the international community, then this is simply a bad decision.

  • bag’oshite

    hmm george best airport doesnt really say much it makes me think of cheesy adverts from the 70’s for cinzano and brut.

  • niall

    i dont get what u lot are on… George Best was the greatest thing to ever come out with northern ireland, its about time u all stopped being so fickle and realised that

  • minaloushe

    “We are now officially the laughing stock of Western Europe”

    Why “officially”? Is there such a thing. Who was it before us and where can I check on previous official laughing stocks?

  • missfitz

    Two things are probably at issue here.

    1. Who drove and championed this move, and why? Well, George was working class boy from East Belfast who done good. For a de-motivated working class Protestant community, its a good political move to elevate one of their own to this kind of pinnacle of recognition, and makes a lot of people feel good.

    I’m not sectarianising this argument, but I am bringing a rational persepctive to what lies beneath the surface of this move.

    2. How many famous people were sober and industrious? IJP, I take your point about Joey Dunlop, and hopefully one day more of that will come to light.

    But seriously, look at many of the literary and arts figures over the centuries that were drunks, drug addicits, womanisers, violent and worse.

    Creativity and sobreity dont neccesarily go hand in hand.

    As to whether on balance the full lifetime achievement of George Best merits a national recognition, my personal opinion is that its pretty typical of the male dominated, Northern Ireland society that this is what we get to represent us.

    Its a move that speaks volumes on many levels.


    Fuck the begrudgers.

    Speaking from mainland Europe, people know Best as an incredible footballer.

  • ncm

    George is one of the only Northern Irish heroes who hasn’t been turned into a politicised sectarianised symbol. He was a great footballer and was loved across the community. As was said above, many famous/revered people throughout history have had troubles with various things. George drank. And that’s someone else’s business?
    Everyone here, who is complaining about this, must be whiter than white.

    As an aside to that, maybe the publicity might encourage a few cheap airlines to come to George Best Airport, and we can get some cheap flghts, maybe even a price war with easyjet. Low fare airline my hole.