Ah, the ould Orange Flute!

It must have been about Christmas 1980 or 1981, but it was one of the most memorable radio shows I can recall. Tommy Sands had a bunch of politicos in, each of them to do a turn. David Cook, an Englishman and the first non Unionist Mayor of Belfast was on, as was Gerry Fitt. Ian Paisley told some yarn or other. But it was Arch Bishop Tomas O’Fiaich’s rendition of “The Ould Orange Flute” I remember with the greatest clarity. On this Patrick’s Day, Susie Bright brings it back to life. And thanks for the link Susie!!

  • I would love to hear this radio show.. do you know if there’s a digital archive of it anywhere?

    This is my first year without my mom alive, which means my first year where NO ONE sent me a St Paddy’s greeting and I had to make up for it by going a little nuts on my blog, and in the kitchen, too.

    I hope you had a great green day, too…

    Susie O’Halloran Bright

  • missfitz

    Happy St Patricks Day, or if you like La Shona Feile Padraig duit.

    Was it the Tommy Sands radio show you were interested in? Here’s Tommy’s website, you can contact him through it. I will ask later this evening for you as well and see if its possible to get an archive of that show, its possible that he has kept it.

    Kind regards, and sorry about your mother


  • yes, please, I’d love to hear his show. I don’t see a URL on your reply, but I’ll go google him and see what I find.


  • Pete Baker

    I’m fairly certain this is the website Sheila was referring to, Susie.

  • missfitz

    Sorry Susie, meant to put that link on. Spoke to the family about this show, and apparently, a replica was done in January of this year on Downtown. I have made them aware of your interest, and if you e-mail Tom, he will try and get you the show.

    If you have any problems, dont hesitate to contact me, I know how important this can be. When we moved to Ireland, Tommy was instrumental in makingus feel welcome, and has continued to be a good friend

  • Penelope

    Susie Bright!?!? Here I am a grrl from California reading Slugger because I’ve fallen for a Belfast boi so when I see SB’s name I’m thinking to myself… naw this isn’t the same Susie Bright whose books line my shelves… so I click on the link Susie provided only to find lo and behold it is!!! Small world indeed!!

    So Susie…what brings you to Northern Ireland? Family connections? Sorry it’s been tough going without your mum this year @ St. Patrick’s Day but glad your blogging spree has caused us to cross paths.

  • I wish I was in Belfast right now, sauntering into the Tommy Sands show.

    No, I’m in California, and I posted the lyrics to “The Old Orange Flute” on my blog the other day, linking to THIS site from the “Kick The Pope” part of the story so people could find out what that meant… there’s a good defintion on this site!

    It was fun to do the linking on that song, and I needed to, because it’s hard to understand if you don’t know what the “twelveth of July” is. I sang it to my daughter, and then spent a half an hour talking about history so she could get the jokes!

    I got invited once to come to the “Nordic” arts center… I hope I’ve remembered the name correctly, but then the airfare to bring me didn’t come thru. Boo hoo! I’m ready to pack at a moment’s notice!