Beamish edges Guinness out of Philadelphia?

There’ve been several appeals to a more sober sense of what St Patrick’s Day could be, but in Philadelphia there is something of a Stout War going on.

  • Pete Baker


    In this earlier thread, ‘Eddie’ posted a link to this article, in the Philadelphia Daily News on Feb 10, which notes an additional twist to the story –

    The protest was sparked by the opening in 2000 of Fado, a trendy Irish-theme bar at 15th and Locust streets that is part of an Atlanta-based Irish-theme restaurant chain.

    The local bar owners say the chain was created partly by Guinness’ American importer to market its stout nationwide, which they believe gives the chain an unfair advantage over Philadelphia’s traditional neighborhood Irish pubs. Under U.S. law, breweries (other than brewpubs) are forbidden to own taverns, an arrangement common in Europe that’s known as a “tied house.” Guinness denies any ownership in the Fado chain.

  • Irish in America

    More about the “importation of Irish Pubs” here: