Ach, any oul excuse!

If you’ve not had a look yet, check out the Britain and Ireland photo story on the Paddy’s Day Parade in London. This guy’s my favourite. He wasn’t too fussed about Patrick, the Irish or multiculturalism, but he wasn’t going to give up the chance to lash out a few tunes and get in a few bob. There was influences from everywhere in the parade, even the obvious one from London’s biggest summer jamboree, the Notting Hill Carnival. You can pick up the whole set here, or see it as a slideshow here.

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  • SlugFest

    really enjoyed the pics. London’s parade seems much more open and multi-cultural compared to nyc’s, where they still won’t allow gays to march as a group.

    what’s more, ny’s parade is, as far as i can tell, strictly ‘irish’ (irish americans, that is). though i’ve not watched it in a number of years, i have never seen a caribbean group marching, as there apparently was in london.

    so a big cheer for londoners — they’ve got a lot to teach ‘irish’ american new yorkers!

  • pacman

    Is that Brian Keenan?

  • Rory

    African-Americans in the New York Paddy’s Day Parade? Not likely this side of Armageddon. The raucous greetings of triumph and joyous approval that Bernadette Devlin received when she visited New York in 1969 quickly turned to other noises when she offered the key to the city with which she had been presented to the Black Panthers.

    I think that the gays are the best bet here to get under starter’s orders before, say, 2050 especially given the popularity of and Irish provenance of the leading actors in “Will ‘n’ Grace”.

  • alexander bowman

    Wondered how Malachi earned his scratch since ‘leaving’ Fortnight and the Belfast Telegraph!


    Re; Bernadette’s magnificent gesture, the phrase ‘Niggers of Europe’ takes on a new, and disheartening, resonance…

  • missfitz

    actually, I thought he looked a little like john major