Don’t even think about…

Americans are on the whole more abstemious than Europeans. And way more than the Irish. Whilst some are expressing angst at the amount of alcohol likely to consumed in Belfast and Dublin tomorrow, some Americans are spelling out in no uncertain terms what’s expected of tomorrow’s public revelers. And Shauna Farrell has this revealing vox pop on what people think its origins are.


  • Busty Brenda

    Remember this is the country that introduced


  • Eddie

    What you folks on the eastern side of the Atlantic may not realize is that the St. Patty’s day festivities in Savannah, GA are perhaps the most out of control in the US, perhaps right up there with all the craziness in Dublin. Basically it is the equivalent of the Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans. I have never been to Savannah but I have been to Mardi Gras and if it is anything close than it is total chaos. If you were to go to any other big city where there’s a parade or other festivities they don’t allow drinking in public at all. One beer and they’ll ticket you (I know from personal experience).

  • Cahal

    St Patty’s day? Who was she?

  • SlugFest


    Pish. the only people that talk up the Savannah parade are the folks from Savannah — it’s nowhere as big as nyc, san fran, etc. and it’s nothing like mardi gras.

  • Eddie

    Slug: Never been there so I can’t say other than what people have told me. I take it you’ve been? And sure it’s not as big as the parade up 5th Avenue but at least they let you have a beer or two while taking in the sights. God forbid I should do that tomorrow in NYC. Of course a couple of bad apples (OK, more than a couple) have ruined it for everyone.

  • SlugFest


    I love Savannah, I really do. But in my opinion it’s hardly a city — more of a big village. And the parade, while it does bring out-of-towners, just doesn’t compare to other cities.

    I think part of its ‘lively’ reputation comes from the obnoxious behavior of the out-of-towners (it’s not their town, after all), and not from the actual scale of it (you know those southerners … they love a tall tale!)

    Granted, this is coming from a new yorker (who hates the 5th avenue parade as well — think i’m just getting too old and ornery for the revellers in green)

    that said, enjoy tomorrow and all its silliness!

  • You guys need to get out more.

    Let’s start with a cultural tidbit: Savannah Artillery Punch.

    A concoction of fruit and A WHOLE FECKIN’ lot of Bourbon which bends your head into a tesseract and then hands you your ass in a sling.

    Next, a wee cultural exposition, how to translate into bubbatalk.

    -DO keep alcohol in a paper, plastic, or styrofoam cups. Glass bottles are prohibited on the street.

    Enter the southern device called the “go cup”, offered whenever you wish to leave the bar and drive home. In the seventies I observed cars fitted with the drink holders with multiple degrees of freedom at that time used on yachts. Those were for the go cup.

    -DO only carry only one drink at a time and limit it to 16 ounces in size

    You need one hand to drive with, dummy.

    -DON’T drink alcohol in a parked vehicle

    See “go cup”, above. Additionally as part of the Green Initiative it’s best to keep the car moving so as to distribute the long-necked Buds more evenly along the roadway.

    -DON’T bring alcohol into the gated area on River Street

    It’s the Festival area, think Temple Bar. It’s packed with Taverns and the fix is obviously in.

    -DON’T drink alcohol or have it in your hand without a wristband in the festival area.

    They need some way to ID the body. Unidentified chalk outlines generate too much paperwork.

    -DON’T think about exposing yourself or urinating in public

    Leave that for Colin Farrell. He has that contract this year.

  • SlugFest

    Smilin Jim,

    Now i know why you’re always smilin’.