Comments back to normal…

If you are a regular commenter here, you’ll have been perserving with a particularly irritating glitch in the commenting zone. It meant that after five or six posts, you could not be sure whether your contribution would come out assigned to you or another person. Well I finally got back into the office last night and got it sorted. The funny thing is that on the whole, apart from one thread which we ended up taking off line, the quality of the conversations here has improved remarkably. It’s good too to see more people actually using their own names. It definately helps to keep things more civil if you have to stand by your own opinions. I’m sorry it took so long, but for now, happy slugging!

  • Pete Baker

    It was on or after 10 comments, Mick.. the double-digit-numbered entries seemed to be causing the software glitch.. but as you say, it’s sorted.

  • DK

    I loved the way that Kathy_c thought it was only affecting her. Or was it….

  • Animus

    Damn, I’ve missed my opportunity to pass off my own offensive comments as someone else’s.

  • I see that you got my message, Mick, before you scrubbed the thread about the two Mick Halls.

    Nice work all around.

  • Jacko 92

    Well done Mick.

    Great to have normal service resumed.


  • Bog warrior

    So the thread on the 2 Mick Halls was scrubbed. Why was that i must have missed a meeting or something.

  • lib2016

    It was a thread drawing attention to the unionist dependence on bigotry to sustain their political position – bit embarrassing on a blog with a distinct unionist bias. 😉

  • Brian Boru

    There is a God! 🙂

  • benevolent participant

    Hi to all the regulars this is my first post but will be a regular from next week……

    The software glitch has been fascinating

    Mclarnon becomes a unionist

    mick becomes partisan

    takfako (sorry about the spelling i am in a hurry) becomes a shinner

    its been great

  • Young Fogey

    Go rath mile maith agat, Mick.

  • Lib,

    I’ll put that in with ‘mild nationalist’, and ‘closet PD’. I’ve even been accused of taking my orders directly from SF headquarters.

    Each to their own view I say!! And the more of them the merrier!!

  • Pete Baker

    Each to their own view I say!! And the more of them the merrier!!

    You may say that, Mick.. I couldn’t possibly comment 😉

  • Susan

    Sorted at last!

    Pete Baker007

  • Susan


    Only joking. Sorry lads.