Ahem, that guy’s ours, isn’t he?

Big Jack Charlton may have raided the ranks of English soccer for grandsons of Erin, but it cuts two ways. Samuel L. Jackson, the screen legend, was recently interviewed by Kate Thornton on T.V. about working with Colin Farrell in S.W.A.T. when the following conversation took place. Thanks to reader J Kelly:

Kate: What’s it like working with Colin, ‘cos he is just so hot in the U.K. right now.

Samuel: He’s pretty hot in the U.S. too

Kate: Yea! But he’s one of our own!

Samuel: Isn’t he from Ireland

Kate: Yeah, but we claim him ‘cos Ireland is beside us.

Samuel: You see that’s your problem right there. You British keep claiming people that don’t belong to you. We had that problem in America too – it was called slavery.

Thanks to Mike_H here’s the rest of the exchange:

KT: Well Colin is a very well paid slave.

SLJ: Ok good.

KT: As are you.

SLJ: Yeah all right.