A store of five minute Irish stories…

A popular Paddy’s Day destination, this stash of stories contains snippets of poetry to good old fashioned yarns.

  • FFS Mick. The first story I look up is under the ‘Motivational Stories’and it’s…… The Man who Had No Story ……..There was a man one time, and his name was Rory O’ Donoghue. His wife was a great woman for knitting stockings……..I never read it all,sounds like a story about a leper-a-con with writers block 😉

  • missfitz

    oh mick, you cant be serious. I left new york and hoped I would never see another version of patrick plasticity…… dont let it come in over here

  • Mick Fealty

    Sheila, where have you not lived!!??

  • missfitz


  • missfitz

    You know, one of these stories tells of an Oirish house with 3 cows in the kitchen. It’s appalling stuff. I keep a pig in my kitchen, it would be barbaric to try and keep a cow here