Where the money trail is leading…

The Irish Times reveals the Garda believe last week’s raid on properties and offices in the Armagh border area has uncovered crucial evidence.

  • This thread, as far as I am concerned, is simply incredible.

    For at least twelve hours, the Garda report is unanswered.

    Apparently, having money, and carrying on any kind of business that the securocrats dislike can result in this kind of media trashing. Of course, if this were the case, all our fascist leaders, starting with Rupert Murdoch, would be threatened with the dock.

    Of course, who is to say, except the Anglo-Irish securocrats, that all the properties, and solicitors raided are connected. Apparently, we are supposed to believe what the securocrats in both the Republic, and the UK can stitch up now.

    From my perspective, this is just the dirty covert operators covering up their crimes to satisfy a press baron who wants his money.

    And the guy who will pay for it all is former Garda Det. Sergeant Eoin Corrigan.

    The Brits, Garda leadership and the RUC never forgave him for wanting to get to the bottom of the mistake assassination of Seamus Ludlow, and handing over Dominic McGlinchey to the North after the Brits, led by Captain Simon Hayward, had shot up South Armagh in revenge for the nail bombings in Hyde Park in the summer of 1982 in the hope of killing him.

    At least, El Duce provided some public displays worth watching for his conniving.

  • pol

    (The Irish Times reveals the Garda believe last week’s raid on properties and offices in the Armagh border area has uncovered crucial evidence.) Of life on Mars.

  • Just on a point in the above sentance you would use the pural Gardai. The translation of Garda Siochana is Guards of the peace. So garda is guard and gardai is guards.

    So you wouldn’t say
    The Irish Times reveals the guard..
    it would be
    The Irish Times reveals the guards…

    anyway. Not surprised at any of it.

  • pol

    Jesus Simon.

  • DK

    So Trowbridge – the whole operation, involving hundreds of people from a variety of governmental organisations on both sides of the border, was about revenge on some retired Garda and getting owed libel money for a newspaper?

    Do you not think that maybe it was more likely that the operation was to do with cracking down on border smuggling?


  • As I said before, I believe the vast operation was a fishing expedition by interested securocrats, North and South, especially to find “evidence” that Eoin Corrigan colluded with ‘Slab’ Murphy in the murders of Breen and Buchanan.

    And the stories in the press, especially today’s
    Irish Independent, do nothing to make me change my mind.

    It is really pathetic for the joint force still to be complaining about their very inability to arrest Murphy – he always uses the escape door they somehow don’t cover – and the discovery that he may have had a chemical marker, which is not a prohibted substance, which can convert Northern heating oil into something that reputable business can and apparently have purchased on both sides of the border.

    In sum, the only important discovery is that ‘Slab’ might have stolen the socks off the Revenue boys, as they are now being investigated for a mole.