St Pat’s crisis in Omaha?

Apparently there’s confusion in Omaha, because St Patricks Day falls on a Friday this year! Read on…


  • Pete Baker

    Crisis? What crisis? 😉

    According to Rev. Ryan Lewis, of the Omaha Archdiocese, [Archbishop Elden] Curtiss granted the dispensation, and the party will go on, with a caveat; Catholics who take part on Friday should abstain from meat on March 18 instead.

    Party on, indeed.

  • TL

    Our Bishop (Malone) said we could trade March 15th (today) for the 17th. Glad he has time to worry about such matters!

  • wild turkey

    a moveable feast?

    is this global or strictly omaha?

    does a similar dispensation obtain for irish stew and/or the burger vans in belfast for st pats day?

  • Slugfest

    I thought the friday meat thing ended with Vatican II? (and here’s me with Catholic school training and all!)

  • DK

    Eating meat on Friday – they’ll allow people to go to Mass on Saturday instead of Sunday before it happens!

  • TL

    During lent we give up meat on Fridays.

    Wild Turkey,
    I’m in the Northeast so it must be a bigger problem.



    A dispensation to eat meat on Fridays?

    Why not go the whole hog and give them permission to use condoms for the post St Patricks drunken shag?

  • SlugFest

    this just in … apparently it’s an issue in Milwaukee as well.


    apologies … i forgot about Lent … also forgot it WAS Lent. it’s been a long time since i was Catholic!

  • Harry Flashman

    When we were kids our parents always told us we could take a day off from fasting on St Patrick’s Day, this of course meant we could pig out on all the sweets we’d been denied since Ash Wednesday. I often wondered why only St Paddy’s Day and I asked whether Italians or French people were allowed off on March 17 too. My parents assured me that it was a special treat from the pope to the Irish coz as everyone knew we were the bestest Catholics in the whole wide world and the pope loved us the best.

    It never crossed my mind that this special treat for us children of Ireland also appeared to apply to our parents who got merrily pissed on the day that was in it. A more cynical mind than mine might conclude that that was the real reason behind the whole dispensation shenanigans.

  • darth rumsfeld

    ok then.

    I think…

    Harry Flashman,
    I think
    letting your parents get merrily pissed on the day that was in it was the real reason behind ther whole dispensation shenanigans

    I’ll get me shillelagh

  • TL

    For some time now I’ve been issuing dispensations on the quiet. Now that they appear to be everywhere, and taken so lightly, I think I’ll go public. Feel free to come to me w/ any dispensary requests.

  • Young Fogey

    I didn’t know the whole no meat on Friday’s in Lent thing persisted… as for the dispensation, a Fest breaks the fast which means that the Annunciation (25th March) is also a day you get off.