Cool Slugger and the changing market…

Brian Walker gives us the ‘cool’ tag for our one and so far only podcast (the second in-production edition focuses on the economic aspects of North Southery). He also notes mainstream television’s dominance in a rapidly diversifying market is being severely challenged:

This week, we were told multichannel TV’s viewing with a share of nearly 30% had exceeded both BBC1’s 23% and hard-pressed ITV ‘s 22% share. And that’s not all. A Google survey also found the average Briton now spends more time – 164 minutes a day, or 41 days a year – browsing the internet than watching television – 148 minutes a day. Closer examination reveals, however, that when you add in average DVD and video viewing, TV is still ahead of the net with four hours a day. But online is catching up.

This is why the BBC, doubtless to be followed by other broadcasters, is experimentally about to “stream” a wider range of programmes on its website. A huge expansion of web services is provoking a howl of protest from regional papers over the BBC’s use of public money to muscle in on their territory. In turn, some of the papers have launched podcasting, or voiced reports, you can download to compete with the mainstream broadcasters. Even precariously-funded websites like the cool Slugger O’Toole are dipping their toes – or is it tongues? – into the world of the ipod.

  • fair_deal

    “A big challenge now and not just for the BBC, is to see off any demands for rigid Protestant/Catholic employment ratios”

    All this pesky equality is for everybody else not for the BBC. Hmmmmm….

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Brian Walker called us ‘cool’. That’s the kiss of death for Slugger then…!

  • TL

    The Podcast for Slugger on itunes is empty… which probably means I’m doing something wrong. Where is it I can get the podcast?

  • That’s next on my list to fix! The second podcast should be launched on Monday, by which time I will have fixed any gliches.