Three cover ups and it is only Monday

What more will come out before the weekend? Today had stories about cover-ups involving the Catholic Church, the PSNI and Republican and Loyalist paramilitaries.Republicans usually claim to be the victims of collusion but a former agent today claims intelligence services actually helped the PIRA improve their bombs.

The Catholic Church have handed over information on paedophile allegations against 47 priests, some of which they have held from the authorities for 40 years.

Meanwhile more revelations about the “non”-investigation into the murders of Andrew Robb and David McIlwaine. There has also been a mixed reaction to the UVF statement at the week-end calling for witnesses to come forward.

  • Busty Brenda

    Reading about the teenagers I didn’t think people in Northern Ireland could be shocked anymore by vicious crime, but they get worse by the day, and peace isn’t lessening the viciousness of attacks. (Only this evening on the news I heard of a man had his ears bitten off and stabbed in the arms by a step son in new barnsley, not far from ballymurphy!!Truly shocking!!)

    FD your link doesn’t say how the revelations about the non investigation came about…be it six years later but 40 years to even report the crimes against children!! The Bishops at the time who covered up and the police officers should be brought before courts and at least charged with something.

    pleeezze haven’t we reached saturation point on the Fulton story!!!

  • topdeckomnibus

    It does not surprise me Busty Brenda.

    If you go to this site

    You will find copies of 1972 newspaper reports including one from the Western Mail reporting that Michael O Halloran MP (Islington) raising a commons question about three deaths in three separate incidents of mentally handicapped children in Hackney Social Services care. They were in a private care home The Beeches at Ixworth Suffolk.

    O Halloran was refused an inquiry.

    I think the significance of this is that minister Keith Joseph could not set a public inquiry precedent as Barbara Castle was also seeking a public inquiry into care standards and events at the HQ of the Sue Ryder Homes (about ten miles from Ixworth).

    In the 1990s Hackney announced a retrospective care inquiry into some of their child care social workers. So I asked if the inquiry would examine the three deaths of the children at Ixworth.

    It seems that initially Hackney lost details of my request and also from their computer system.

    Eventually the matter of the three child deaths was ruled not germaine to the independent care inquiry.

    Similarly Stage Two of the Shipman Inquiry was charged to examine shortcomings of the death registration system.

    I asked them to consider the matter of the Regional Crime Squad inquiry into GP death registration malpractice suspected in Leonard Cheshire Homes.

    On legal advice this was ruled beyond their terms of reference.

    Difficult to investigate too maybe because of the 1994 theft of all Newport Gwent births marriages deaths records.

    As for Ryder and Cheshire was it their extreme catholicism or their links with MI6 that made them such a pair of rascals ?

  • Busty Brenda.

    Top deck, the elderly and adults with learning problems are having a rough time of it also. Infact the reports on bbc news tonight of the care workers slapping the frail 80 yr old were sickening. They are to face charges.

    I remember the later stages of the shipman inquiry, it was only when cremation occoured that two doctors signatures were needed, and wasn’t that why he got away with so many.

    Jesus your link is frightening topdeck-I never thought the spook services would or could be behind something like that or even involved. Frightening.

  • willis

    but is there anyone else out there who thinks that the laws of physics and the development of electronic technology operate in a parallel world to
    the world of spooks. Travel to NYC in 1993 to buy infra red flashes because you couldn’t get them here???????


  • Pat

    This would be the same Kevin Fulton top British Agent who was able to name around a dozen other (he alledges) British Agents in the IRA.

    I admit that I find it hard to believe anything that this man comes out with. How did he come to know all other British Agents in the IRA, did they all meet in a big room each year for a party? Not the sort of thing people putting their lives at risk would want to do, or at least that’s what my thought on this would be.

    And here we are now with him telling us that the British helped the IRA blow up their soldiers? Obviously he’s out to make a few bob from this a good money spinning walter mitty story or what?

  • topdeckomnibus

    Busty Brenda

    In 1976 I was threatened with charges under the Official Secrets Act after Panorama ran a programme on the plight of inmates in private care homes. I worked then in DHSS benefits.

    A complicated story but at about the time Panorama ran its piece (It featured a man called Edwin Baars who had been discharged from a mental hospital and given a single rail ticket to the seaside where he arrived homeless until the local care home gravy train, former seaside boarding houses, would get to take him in) that was when a fraud came to light involving single parent mother claimants.

    This was a multiple address fraud involving 48 addresses (modern day terms half a million per year take). One of the addresses was suspect PIRA bomb cell.

    So it sort of begs the question with me why this loophole in the benefits system was left open ?

    Funds available from the British benefits system for the IRA ?

    And if this fraud was left available as a means to detect IRA why were breach of security warnings given in advance of the 1989 Deal Bombing ignored (involving 6 lines of inquiry with this method of DHSS fraud)

    Last year “Impeccable Intelligence sources” briefed the BBC journalist Tim Carroll that they too suspected that Leonard Cheshire care homes was involved in acquiring UK identities for former nazis smuggled into UK.

    The Mail on Sunday was due to publish Tim Carroll’s piece but I objected to Leonard Cheshire and Airey Neave being described as “Undoubted patriots”

    If you read the 1995 affidavit on site then you will see that the Regional Crime Squad sergeant investigating this matter in 72 defied Special Branch threats and copped a suicide verdict.

    On December 7th 1972 the properly appointed HM Coroners Officer ex Pc Richard Card was “Dead” for thirty minutes after a “medical accident”. His ambulanceman father was giving cardiac massage etc so not entirely turned into a cabbage …. even of the topdeckomnibus variety !

    I make no attempt to hide my identity.

    I also objected to the deployment of Kent Chief constable David Phillips on to the Rosemary Nelson Decd case. My objections seem to have been reflected in a phone call then made by Ronnie Flanagans chief exec officer to the Home Office.

    My moment of truth came in Jan 1972 when the DI tried to order me to destroy the forensic in the McGill case.

    Some things have to matter.

    Like the principle no matter how high you are the law must be above you.

    Even if your name is Henry Sporborg or Airey Neave (the MI6 founders of the Sue Ryder Homes)

    Yesterday, in fact, I invited Suffolk POlice to accept High Court mediation the new idea to give the socially excluded access to justice ….

  • willis


    I don’t understand this sentence.

    The Mail on Sunday was due to publish Tim Carroll’s piece but I objected to Leonard Cheshire and Airey Neave being described as “Undoubted patriots”

    Do you mean you stopped them?


  • ingrammartin


    Quote”but is there anyone else out there who thinks that the laws of physics and the development of electronic technology operate in a parallel world to
    the world of spooks. Travel to NYC in 1993 to buy infra red flashes because you couldn’t get them here??????” Quote

    Not the same kit mate that can be bought over the counter in the Nineties. This is coded kit not your average run of the mill stuff available from Maplins. The Independant did a piece a few weeks ago about the link to the Iraq bombs of today. It was a great advancement in IRA bomb making , financed by Box 500.


    The Ombudsman found him to be reliable and I would ask you to Judge him after the Tribunals in the South when he will provide Documents and Tapes of leading Republicans engaged in collusion with Agents of the state.

    This link to the States is a proven one and their is more yet to come about this , if you go to my site you will see the Passport Photo of James M from Kilkeel who was the man the FBI expelled upon a false passport.

    This passport fingerprints and the testimony of the now retired FBI agent who confirmed to the Atlantic some of the details of Fultons Role,are only the tip of this Ice berg.

    Rushing and got to go.


  • Niall


    You seem to know a lot about collusion in the IRA and differnet agents. Do you know anything about collusion in South Armagh between members of the UDR and Loyalists


  • ingrammartin


    Loyalism with the exception of former soldiers was not allowed to be targetted by the FRU on the express orders of the RUC.The FRU was targetted almost 100% against Republican interests. I accept this illegal practice ( Loyalism Collusion) did go on and it was wrong and IT should be highlighted at every opportunity BY THOSE WHO HAVE SUCH KNOWLEDGE. I am sorry I cannot shed any light on these matters other than to accept it did occur.


    PS. Collusion is not a one dimensional problem but affected all sections of the community and State Agencies.

  • Niall


    Thanks for your honesty, I am aware that collusion affected all sides in the community but the only info coming out is about Republican collusion. I am not saying that this is a bad thing but I would like to see more openness from the other government agencies about Loyalist collusion

    Regards Niall

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    The Fulton story has now been regurgetated 3 times in a few days. What was wrong with the original thread that has prompted two others to start new threads on the same subject?

  • ingrammartin


    Quote”Thanks for your honesty, I am aware that collusion affected all sides in the community but the only info coming out is about Republican collusion. I am not saying that this is a bad thing but I would like to see more openness from the other government agencies about Loyalist collusion”Unquote

    Agreed 100 % in respect for more information upon these crimes on all sides. Regards Martin

  • topdeckomnibus


    I sent objections to a Mail on Sunday editor John Wellington.

    It may be that Tim Carroll had already decided to withdraw.

    Tim Carroll’s interest was stimulated by the PRO Releases concerning Horst Kopkow and Vera Atkins which you can read about on web.

    I appreciate that it is a hugely involved history. But in Autumn 2005 I laid Common Law Informations of Misprision of Treason against Supt Penny Martin of Kent Police and against Cllr William Hayton of Kent Police Authority.

    Things reached and remained at impasse as no magistrate would sign a reply and I will not accept a reply from just the Chief Clerk.

    I had, therefore, sought to invoke Treason Law. And I did not think, in those circumstances I could agree to any party being described as a true patriot.

    If you want to go to the site

    Take the icon to “About this site” and from there the link to the Final Prayer of John Allen.

    I drew this up to act as comfort for John in the hospice and to act as a summary of remedies I went on at least to seek in the European Court of Human Rights.

    And you will see that there are a range of matters which no one would immediately link to the case of the sudden death of a volunteer quaker nurse.

    I remain interested in why a strange group of men who were heard calling themselves “Unison” at meetings in Kent, enjoyed an exemption from police investigation.

    One of these men was George Richard Maison mentioned on this site

    Maison was one of the 21 Territorial Army recruited paramilitaries arrested, but not charged, in 1987. These are the real life arrests referred to in the synopsis of Pat Monteath’s book “Who Pays the Ferryman”. (On web)

    After the arrests the case officer George Rogers asked to interview me and asked why I had been asking questions about Colonel Robert Butler. This visit and questioning session occurred after the decision not to charge the paramilitaries in spite of alleged unlawful armed missions to Ireland and Ulster and in spite of the alleged possession of semtex and in spite of allegedly making explosive devices.

    As I understand it the man dishonourably discharged from the TA was sectioned under the Mental Health Acts. It seems that his brief (if it came from anywhere but inside his own head) was to train middle aged men who would not resemble serving soldiers (hence the TA recruitment) to kidnap someone from Eire and take them to Ulster.

    The site, which some scorn, does say that this may be a case of in the imaginary garden don’t fail to seek the real toad.

    My original interest in Maison was to do with the McGill case. In 1976 when I faced OSA charges Frank Swift, Head of the IRSF Trade Union and UK leading communist, came to my rescue really. And the Civil Service Commission got the idea that funds for my defence were available from the Reds !!

    What it was about was to explot a situation which arose after the Panorama expose mentioned above … to see if any one would appear asking questions perhaps in the ultimate interests of Sue Ryder Homes Founder MI6 lad Airey Neave.

    And a man who seemed to fit the bill of arriving in the area bearing questions. George Richard Maison. Anti Nazi League were covertly watching him anyway and years later approached me with an offer to give evidence of association (The Unison Group).

    As you may be aware Colonel Robert Butler was allegedly Airey Neaves paramilitary recruiter ?

    Tangled web.

  • missfitz

    I just want to know, who onearth would work 140 hours a week? Sorry, but once you read something as implausible as that , it lessens the impact of everything else. I worked in a hospice in the 70’s in Dublin and some voluntary work in an LC home, but even the most devout and dedicated among us, even the nuns, got 8 hours sleep a night.

  • topdeckomnibus

    Busty Brenda

    Thank you for your interest.

    I will make a visit here into the history and evidence to a small extent. It is on the site but I prepared the site so the police and charity lawyers (the charity has trademark rights on founder names so can sue if they have the bottle) have to work to find the devil in the detail. But it is there.

    Matron McGill worked Mon to Fri 19 hours per day and then provided a 48 hour resident on call presence at weekends making 143 duty hours.

    She was the only qualified nurse and did the medicine issue seven days per week.

    Under Section 37 of the National Assistance Act then in force a care home was responsible for issuing the inmates a weekly pocket money payment from benefits. Which begs the question why Matron McGill was using her own money to buy inmates basics.

    I would ask you to read the letters of Dr Nini Ettlinger on site.

    And the letter of 9th December 1971 written by Matron McGill to her friend Edith Laing (An SRN health visitor).

    That letter of 9.12.71 may make your former hospice eyebrows raise a bit … a ceremony converting a tranquillised muslim to Roman Catholicism

  • topdeckomnibus

    If you read Sue Ryder’s solicitors letter on site he says that the home was circulated for inquest witnesses on the MORNING of the death itself.

    Would you not find that a bit implausible given the inquest testimony time of discovery of the body was 2 PM ??

    In that trawl for witnesses on the morning before the death would be discovered …. a male nurse aide expressed a wish to give evidence, I understand, as he was with Matron McGill when she died. And he was refused the opportunity to make a statement.

    On the day of the inquest Tuesday 25th Jan 1972 within the Sue Ryder Home his story was that he was physically prevented from getting into the inquest by Suffolk Police officers.

    The inquest was held without the knowledge of the New Zealand family or her local friends.

    On 22nd it seems that Matron McGill’s New Zealand GP practice took a call from Sue Ryder asking if she had any undisclosed illnesses.

    Now take that NZ is half a day ahead and it was saturday and work out when Ryder called UK time ??

    Now go to Leonard Cheshire’s statement and note the unsolicited detail … Dr Carter urging Sue Ryder to drop everything and rest.

    Dr Carter was a GP from a neighbouring village but he was also police surgeon.

    Now go to Dr O Briens inquest statement .. he was on call that weekend.

    So why Carter ??????

    Another bit of unsolicited detail .. check out Hines statement

    “There were no facilities for cooking” in Miss McGill’s room.

    Now check out the spelling in Hines statement.

    Written by a classicist. (The telltale Z)

    And Hines statement was prepared on the same typewriter as Dr O Briens .. the dr who could not spell mucous ? And who got the wrong month for when McGill had nasal surgery.

    It was Ryder who misled the family that death was natural causes.

    It was Ryder who concealed from the family the holding of an inquest three days after the death.

    And on Monday 24th Ryder was able to phone Matron McGill’s sister in NZ to say post mortem was complete and to begin conning the cremation consents.

    A couple of things went wrong .. first they prepared the statement of Hines to describe a 2PM discovery. This was done during the morning.

    Then it was realised that Pc Marshall came on duty at 4 not at 2 on a Saturday.

    So they waited to make the call to police at 4.

    But about half hour before that Colonel and Mrs Merrylees arrived unannounced to see Miss McGill and the report to police was made at about 340 pm.

  • topdeckomnibus

    The autopsy report has an addendum after an existing full stop.

    Additions were also made to Hines statement and Dr O Briens statement.

    To call NZ (on 24th) to announce the autopsy complete .. check the time of autopsy recorded at the top of the report and add half a day to get NZ time.

    IE Police were reporting to Ryder that they had got away with the short autopsy, and no Home Office man and no forensic, by making the false declaration to the hospital patholgist.

    By the way the pathologist died in the week after Professor Knight gave his opinion so I was never able to ask if he had made that addendum mitigating for the bruising.

    Cremation occurred before the NZ family were inadvertently told the truth in the condolence letter of June Walker.

    And Mac McGill wrote that Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder’s recation was Let the McGills find out from the newspapers like everyone else.

    Pes recurvatus, winging of the costal margin, was a condition that Matron McGill of New Zealand did not have.

    So who was our body ?

    If it was McGill she had acquired a diaphragm injury.

    But in fact if you check the evidence you will find no proof of identity. You will only find first hearsay.

    And to add to the mix there were bodies of two 56 year old women in the mortuary that weekend. The body collected for 1st February 1972 cremation had red hair.

    Barbara castle MP raised the care issues in the Commons in July 1972 and that was just before Stefania Bronk was found dying facedown in her bath at the Sue Ryder Home three weeks after her husband had died there in a medical accident it seems.

    And no this is not Agatha Christie.

    This is disciplines of evidence. Winning the case is not the problem. Accessing the court to do it is the problem.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Willis: “but is there anyone else out there who thinks that the laws of physics and the development of electronic technology operate in a parallel world to
    the world of spooks. Travel to NYC in 1993 to buy infra red flashes because you couldn’t get them here??????? ”

    Sure — for the same reason Seal Teams carried HK MP-5 smg, rather than MAC-10’s, or some people buy Blaupunkt rather than Sony. If you want or need a specific product and the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain.

    Dread Cthulhu

  • Susan

    My thoughts exactly, Dread Cthulhu.

    Okay, so maybe not exactly. But near enough.

  • topdeckomnibus

    This is topdeckomnibus … I did not say that above.

    Saddam did buy his red mercury from Thor Chemicals of Margate though.

    The world of spooks and electronics ?

    Well the spooks thought there was a saboteur at the Plessey torpedo and sonar factory in Newport Gwent.

    (Check out Belgrano .. reasons to fire obsolete torpedos outside the Exclusion Zone. Because modern system was notoriously unreliable. Check out the role of Commander Green In RN Intelligence … in service equipment reliability analysis … note about Hilda Murrell)

    The first thing I spotted in Plessey, as a contractor 1989, was the extension leads running from factory mains to power test rigs in static handling areas. So actually by tea break first morning I kinda knew there was no saboteur. But I found the Special Branch line of inquiry suspecting “Gladio” a spook network started by Thatchers backer Henry Sporborg .. intriguing bearing in mind my interest in Sporborg

    Eventually I reported that Plessey problems were due to a wrongly wired factory coupled with 14 years of management falsification of RN Test data.

    I made a crime complaint.

    On intervention from Defence Procurement minister James Arbuthnot this was transferred to MOD Police where it came to rest with a man called Hartley head of police liaison at MOD procurement Executive.

    Whereas, Busty Brenda, I have evidence to support that Matron McGill did 143 duty hours per week, I have no reason whatsoever to suggest the following other than Hartley don’t seem to do much about the file

    I think he may actually spend his time fly fishing but that is just a guess.

    But I did ask Hartley to make a cross departmental report concerning Petbow where I am satisfied there is a prima facie case against a prolific saboteur. But Hartley would not do so. He has two expert opinions from MOD agreeing my Plessey findings.

    Where are we going with this Sluggers ?

    Well knowing the true state of our industry the spooks would go shopping in USA.