Are there really two Mick Halls?

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here. Daily Ireland has just published an article which comes close to claiming that only Protestants harbour sectarian hatred. Nothing too out of the ordinary about that. But it’s the byline that’s peculiar. It’s attributed to regular contributor to The Blanket website Mick Hall. He has recently contributed two geniune articles to DI, however Hall has told Slugger he did not write this piece. When he enquired at Daily Ireland he was told that there is now another Mick Hall working for DI. Hmmm… curiouser and curiouser… Mystery solved: This Michael Hall, we are informed, edits the The Irish Democrat. The one better known to Slugger readers has only recently written a couple of freelance pieces for DI. For the sake of not muddying the waters any further, I’m closing this thread to further comment.