On the middle class joy of ownership…

Christine O’Toole in the run up to what’s been billed as the first non sectarian St Patrick’s Day Festival looks at the bright side of the Belfast story: ie riverside condos on the site of the old Sirocco Works going for £200,000 a pop!

  • slug

    I have cousins returning to NI bringing their partners and children with them, not just from GB but from further afield. I even have cousins who were born and grew up abroad ‘returning’ to NI where their parents grew up. I also hear reports of shool friends returning. The migration data (the latest release was just a few days ago) shows that migration from GB to NI exceeds migration from NI to GB and has done now since about 2001. Does anyone else notice this trend to people returning?

  • willis

    It was an interesting piece tho’ i’m surprised to learn that Samson and Goliath wer used in the building of the Titanic, but it was printed so it must be true.