Obscene Or Well Deserved: Forbes’ Billionaires List

Forbes have compiled and published the latest ‘chart figures’ for the world’s wealthiest people. RTE seem to have carried the story because four Irish residents are on the list, including one american tax exile. The top dogs include Bill Gates – in at No.1 (again) and, interestingly (and rather depressing for non-Chelsea fans,) Mr. Abramovich at No.11. Top Irishman is the publicity-shy Sean Quinn from Fermanagh.
Readers may be of the opinion that these individuals are entitled to accumulate and enjoy their wealth as they see fit; others may find the sheer extent of the world’s wealth concentrated in so few hands as obscene.

  • vince

    Dermot Desmond is worth a billion quid and he can’t give Gordon Strachan a few bob to buy players ??

  • aquifer

    Be positive, its a few billions that governments are not using to buy arms or wage wars, and Gates at least seems to be becoming a relatively efficient philanthopist.

  • “interestingly (and rather depressing for non-Chelsea fans,) is Mr. Abramovich”

    Interestingly (and rather depressing for Man Utd fans,) Mr. Glazer is nowhere to be found.

  • sohnlein

    But where’s Thomas?