US State Department win in stand-off with SF

The Guardian’s Owen Bowcott has probably overstated the significance of the names on the invitations to the White House this year, as this BBC report suggests.. only some of those on the list will be meeting the President. The rest will sit and listen to the inventive script-writers’ words. But the interesting aspect of the inclusion of Gerry Adams on the list isn’t so much that his name is there.. it’s the difference in reaction from Sinn Féin to the continuing ban on his fundraising activities, when compared to November last year. At that time, Martin McGuinness was so outraged that he issued the ultimatum that if Adams wasn’t able to fund-raise he wouldn’t be going.


  • The Dubliner

    It’s interesting that no victims of unionist terror groups or of British state terrorism have been invited to Meet the Muppet. The NIO obviously has an input into the guest list.

  • ingrammartin


    You come across has a very sad person, do you not accept that these people have been wronged by the IRA and they have every right to seek justice. Get a life and look at the problem objectively not from a Sinn Fein/IRA one dimensional persecution complex.

    Your friend Marty

    PS. Are you Lonely is that your problem.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Dubliner, your point implies an accusation of double standards. Would you mind explaining what you think they are ?

    I’m getting a bit tired of Mr Ingram’s ad hominem approach here (his recent post contributed absolutely nothing to the debate) .. I think it’s time for the moderators to start issuing yellow cards at the very least.

  • Dave

    How about modifying the rules here:

    In addition to the ‘the ball not the man’ rule how about banning the predictable and boring ‘whataboutery’ posts such as Dubliners above.

  • Bertie ‘boob’ O’Havealot

    No doubt when SF join the policing board the ban on raising funds will be lifted

  • The Dubliner

    Stalin, don’t worry about Martin Mitty. I hit a raw nerve earlier when I referred to him as a “jumped-up little army clerk.” The higher the knee jerks, the harder you’ve hit it. 😉

    Well, for a start. It would have been useful to invite Geraldine Finucane along to Meet the Muppet, and thereby assist her in her campaign to seek justice for the murder of her husband, Pat Finucane, by Martin Ingram’s cohorts in the FRU/UDA. However, British state terrorism is not a subject that the president feels comfortable with, obviously. Beyond that, it would also be helpful to avoid the British state’s propaganda that ‘terrorism’ is only on one side, by the simple expedient of inviting along those who have been murdered by unionist terrorists.

    Failure to do either of the above shows clear political bias by the White House (presumably on the ‘advice’ of the NIO).

  • ingrammartin


    No raw nerve mate just pointed out how wrong you were, Thanks.


  • Dubliner-

    Sure why doesn’t Bush invite the several thousand victims’ families along and they can have a knees-up. It’s none of our business who gets invited, so please quit it with the whataboutery- maybe they’ve invited the McCartneys and Raffertys because they’ve lost loved ones to paramilitaries recently. The whole world doesn’t revolve around the provos- what makes you think anyone could care less whether other guests to the function have been picked to ’embarass’ them. You mus think people have little else to worry about.

  • The Dubliner

    El Mat, untangle your purple panties for a minute and read the demented gibberish your wrote. 😉

  • qubol

    by dismissing The Dublners comments as whataboutery is to miss the point. The fact that only IRA victims have been invited is deliberate – its a fairly stupid attempt to put pressure on Sinn Fein. They have deliberately ignored other prominent victims because they don’t serve a purpose. Its just a pity that some high profile victims cant spot when they are being used for political gain – do you really think the White House remotely cares about Robert McCartney or Joesepy Rafferty. The lack of reaction to this whole thing by Sinn Fein is smart – the bigger the reaction the more the likes of Mithcell Reiss feels they are pressurising Republicans to join the policing board.

  • Weapons of Crass Instruction

    “Maybe they’ve invited the McCartneys and Raffertys because they’ve lost loved ones to paramilitaries recently”

    Fair enough El Mat, but if that’s the criteria being used then how can the omission of young Lisa Dorrians family be excused?.

    Allegations of whataboutery won’t erase the fact that this young womans family have been denied the use of an international platform to have their issue highlighted nor the sneaking suspicion that certain political elements haven’t taken up this issue as its value in terms of political currency seem to be limited.

  • Weapons of Crass Instruction

    Weapons of Crass Instruction

    7.12 was mine.

  • Pete Baker


    If, this time, “The lack of reaction to this whole thing by Sinn Fein is smart”.. then the reaction in November was…?

  • The Dubliner

    The three ‘Dubliners’ directly above are software glitches, and not this most excellent Dubliner who now addresses thee. 😉

    El Matador, the relevance of Geraldine Finucane being excluded is more significant than you grasp. She is presently in the US attempting to gain support to have the FRU/UDA murderers of her husband brought to justice. Here is her comment:

    “I intend to build on this support in Europe and on my visit to the USA, and I am very pleased that the Irish government is assisting me to do so by arranging meetings on Capitol Hill and a possible opportunity to meet with President Bush.” – Geraldine Finucane

    Clearly, she wants to be invited to highlight her case. But, as usual, a Stoop prefers to indulge his hatred of Shin Fein rather than work with the victims of British state terrorism to help them get justice.

  • Christalmighty people, this is turning into a zoo again.

    Adams is on the list and he is a victim of loyalist violence There, Sluggiepoos, now share your toys peacefully again.

    Eyeing the guest list, though, it is plain to see how the Leader of the Free World engineered the slomo train wreck we are experiencing. I wouldn’t invite this shower to the Donner Party.

    Just so ya know that I still see the glass as half full, it’s nice to see that Bertie is showing up with the Shamrock Salad again.

    Bleu Cheese for me, please, Dubya’s havin’ Ranch.

  • “I wouldn’t invite this shower to the Donner Party.”

    I would, Jim.. but I’m guessing they’d be refused entry.

    Pete Baker [as was Dubliner2]

  • Dubliner – if it turns out that Geraldine and John Finuacane had their invites accepted and tickets booked last week, will you be wanting cream or custard with your humble pie?

  • Kathy C

    Posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    I think it would be nice if some of those little girls from Holy Cross school were invited to the white house. Or maybe the family of the Quinn boys….or of a historic moment…some family members of the Irish hunger strikers…this year is an aniversary of hunger strike. I’m rather fond of Ray McCreese’s brother. But…those are people I would put on the list.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    I’m the poster of the above regarding the Holy Cross school girls …not the Dubliner4 as indicated.

    posted by Kathy C

  • pol

    The Americans are only acting at the behest of the Brits.

    Sinn fein should stay away from the whole charade.

    As far as support goes the Republican movement have won over the Irish America lobby.

    Who vote with there Dollars.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    pol, you’re correct that the Irish American lobby is pro republican because the Irish American lobby is…for a united Ireland.

    on another issue…it will be interesting to see how adams gets along especially with the brit spy issue in sf and how that brit spy alienated many in the US and was put in as the sf man in the US by gerry adams. I don’t know…I just don’t like that fact that a brit spy was used to try and damage the American support for a united Ireland. I think gerry adams has questions to answer…just wondering if anyone will be asking questions?

  • kathy c

    posted by Kathy C

    hi all,

    again, the above post was posted by me…Kathy C and not dubliner4. I find it puzzling that so many of my post are given to others names…but not so for many of the others posting in this thread…?????

    posted again by Kathy C (can’t wait to see what name will be assigned to me this time)

  • woofy McDog

    Will Bush get the irony of his meeting victims of political terror?.

  • Undying fame surrounds your name

    Spot on Dubliner. Who on earth would WANT to meet Bush? Has Irish republicanism fallen on such hard times? I’d much rather meet Martin Galvin….Remember him, SF? From the days when you wouldn’t enter illegitimate northern assemblies etc and were committed to a rejection of unionist vetoes? Seems a long time ago I know.

  • Glen Taisie

    Geraldine Finucane wasin Washington last St Patrick’s day the media concentrated on the sisters of IRA victim Robert McCartney but check the archives Geraldine was there.

    Not too long ago the SF team visiting Washington included a certain Denis Donaldson.

    Keep checking the archives.


  • Pat Mc Larnon

    A lot of fuss and jerked knees over Dubliners factual comments (no one seems to have actually challenged the post).
    There is a heavily biased concentration in alleged victims. A person coming new to this would assume that there were only republican and gang victims here and yet again we have a situation were unionist and British victims are ignored.

  • heck

    why all the irish people? What about cindy sheehan. she is irish american , her son died for the US, and she sat on the side of a hot road in texas to try and get an invitation.

    I guess george bush owes tony blair more for iraq than he owes the families of americans who died there.

  • pol

    Kathyn c.

    It is about time you got real.

    The fact there was a British agent within Sinn Fein is not the fault of Gerry Adams.

    Therefore he has no questions to answer.

    Maybe you should direct you questions to Tony Blare.

    But then again that wouldn’t fit into your narrow political agenda.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    pol, I think Gerry Adams has a big case to answer. The spy was on Gerry’s watch and the spy changed alot of how the Irish Americans were treated….now…as an Irish American who was treated rather shabberly by the spy…I can ask…was the spy doing HIS bidding or the bidding of the brits…or the bidding of Gerry Adams…the President of Sinn Fein. There were many Americans who were unhappy with the spy…yet it wasn’t the british or tony blair who kept the spy in that job…it was Gerry Adams….even with Americans complaining about him.

    As to my “narrow political agenda”…well, it is to have a United Ireland…if that is “narrow” well, so be it….I’m still working for that end…

    posted by Kathy C

  • pol

    cathy c.

    (The spy was on Gerry’s watch)

    It would seem no mater what way you dress it up you lay the blame squarely at Adams door.

    Playing straight into the hands of the securecats.
    The same people who brought down an elected parliament.

    You say your wish is for an united Ireland yet you try to caricature assassinate the very person who can deliver that objective.

    A strange one indeed.

  • Skintown lad

    it’s all a bit sad isn’t it. squabbling over who gets invited to a party. i don’t see why we should care. the only reason the republicans care is because they realise their romantic struggle is being stripped bare to reveal a dirty and wicked ethnic cleansing programme perpetrated by scum against their neighbours. now they realise that hasn’t got them anywhere, and the yanks are seeing through the sheep’s clothing. as far as unionism is concerned, we’ll just keep doing what we’ve always done – try to get on with our lives and bring the place forward

  • Kathy_C

    Posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    pol, I don’t see unification rests with just one person….I see unification resting with the people. As for Gerry Adams, many defend the man and if anyone else critizes…then the one who critizes is called by various names…all of which come down to being disloyal to the ’cause’.

    Gerry Adams is responsible because he kept Donaldson in his position even with people complaining and with people leaving the movement because of Donaldson…. The fact that donaldson was a spy is a grave issue of security…the fact that donaldson was left in even with complaints and with donaldson’s performance for the ’cause’ not up to speed…is a grave issue of the question of leadership….Gerry Adams dropped the ball on this and any movement…has the right to question the leadership…especially the leadership that has dropped the ball.

    skintown lad, of course you don’t care about the St. Patricks day party in Washington…you’re a unionist and unionist by definition are pro britian and St. Pattrick’s day is not one of your holiday’s….

    posted by Kathy C
    posted by Kathy C

  • pol

    Cathy c.

    (Gerry Adams is responsible because he kept Donaldson in his position even with people complaining and with people leaving the movement because of Donaldson….)

    Because Donaldson was disliked by a few Yanks is no cause for expulsion.

    Is it not a fact he was disliked by a few because they didn’t like being told what to do
    by a blow in.

    He was put there, being the best man for the job.

    The fact he ruffled a few tail feathers may be proof of that.

    Reading your thread you would think everyone
    knew he was an agent.

    Did you.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Pol, wow! the best man for the job? The fact he ruffled a few tail feathers prove he was the best…..? I knew Sinn Fein in the states had big problems…in fact on several occasions I told them so….I said many things about how SF was being led in the states…no…Donaldson wasn’t the best man….he was Gerry’s man who did Gerry’s bidding….and now we find out….Gerry’s man was a spy…and what did SF do when they found out- why they told donaldson to go get legal council…I would have told donaldson to get the **** out the office immeditely.