Warming up for the Irish Blog Awards

Jon Ilhe with the Irish Times warmer (subs needed) for tomorrow’s big event, brilliantly ‘blogged’ together by the masterly Damien Mulley. You can even buy your profit free blog awards Tee Shirts. Sarah Carey and I should be on the Matt Cooper show just after 5.45 this afternoon – if you don’t catch it then, try the podcast.

  • As I said on my own blog The Dreaming Aramdillo, I wish I could be at tomorrow’s awards as I’m sure it will be a great night – like St Pat’s day coming a week early! Good luck to Damien & co with the event and to all those nominated for awards.

    Mick, it looks like you’ve been singled out for special attention in Ihle’s article with your visionary, monolithic words about the first phase of blogging being over! A significant turning point for the blogosphere? Time will tell! Keep up the good work, guys.

  • I won’t be able to make the awards myself unfortunately (nothing to do with a Scotland match, at all, i swear!! 😉 ) – best of luck to slugger and the rest of the entrants for the best political blog.

  • Hey listening to it now. Well done.