Pilot launch of Focal.ie, a new national terminology database for Irish

Those of you with even a passing interest in the Irish language might like to take a look at Focal.ie, an on-line database of nearly 140,000 terms in Irish. It is being developed by some of my colleagues in the School of Fiontar in DCU in partnership with the University of Wales, Lampeter (hence the Welsh language dictionary).
It is not a dictionary, so you will not find the Irish for many simple everyday English words, but you will get the Irish for a vast range of science, technology, economic, political and many other terms (from ‘vertical integration’ to ‘transvestite’). As this is just a pilot version of the website, the development team would greatly appreciate any feedback that Sluggerees might have to offer. Interestingly, the technical manager is a Czech native but fluent Irish speaker!