“..not to bow down to..” – translation please?

Earlier this week a family feud in Shantallow escalated into violence against the Police and Fire Service.Predictably, the aftermath led to a war of words between Sinn Fein and the SDLP about policing. Local Sinn Fein councillor Elisha McLaughlin offered this curious advice to the young people of the area:

“I would appeal to young people in Shantallow not to bow down to political policing which is what has been happening here.”

For the SDLP the issue was crystal clear “The police are here to protect those who require their services but some thugs in this estate think otherwise”.

  • willis

    The real news is that the SDLP have discovered the short sentence. (small number of words that is, not a UFF bail)

  • lah dee dah

    The only people we should feel sorry for are the public services who suffer these attacks and those who have to live in the areas where the attacks happen but who wish they could just get on with their lives in peace. We’re paying the price for metaphorically ‘sparing the rod’ over past decades when the police alone had to suffer these attacks. Inevitably they’ve now spread to other ‘authority figures’. There must be something that can be done without politicking over it.