Any plans for St Pat’s day?

St Pat’s day is a week away, any slugger readers made plans to celebrate yet?I was reminded today that St Pats Day is near upon us. I was thinking of dandering down the city centre to see if Belfast City Council’s new approach succeeds then over to the Odyssey for a bite to eat and to catch a film. The screen adaption of Alan Moore’s superb V for Vendetta opens that day. Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving (the one who salvaged The Matrix from the lump of wood) make up for the Guy Fawkes veneration. Then round the day off at a cultural night in a community centre with the mandatory pile of sandwiches and wee buns (the diet starts at easter, the diet starts at easter). What about the rest of you?

  • Mick Fealty

    Dieting’s better done through Lent, with a statutary break for St Paddy’s Day!

  • FD,

    That film looks pretty good alright, I’m going to try to catch it myself. However on it’s release date I don’t think I’ll be able to say my own name, let alone follow the plot of a movie. I shall likely be spending the day revolving between tinnies in the apartment, taaffes for a few pints and cans down in the Spanish Arch if the famous Galway rain holds off for the day… round off with a trip to Halo to see what kind of skirt the day has brought out!

  • Croke Park

    The St Galls and Salthill match. You have to support the Ulster teams.

  • Mick Fealty

    I’ll be stuck to Slugger. I’m sure no one at home will be working, but we’ve got to keep the rest of the world know what’s occuring. Between ourselves and Red Mum’s latest flickr group, we’ll try to keep if covered. The next issue of Britain and Ireland should be out too, with photos from Sunday’s London St Paddy’s Parade. Seachtain na Gaeilge has a list of language related events, at home and abroad.

  • Pete Baker

    “I’m sure no one at home will be working”

    I wouldn’t bet on that, Mick..

  • Mick Fealty

    Ah, the driven life of the freelancer Pete!!

  • Biffo

    “..any slugger readers made plans to celebrate yet?”.

    Yes, I’ll be celebtrating the feast day of our nation’s patron saint.

    I’ll put on my “Kiss me I’m Irish” hat and head off to Belfast city centre waving my humungous big tricolour.

    …second thoughts, maybe that’s too controversial?

  • Pete Baker

    I see the Taoiseach is noting the feast day of our nation’s patron saint too.. by flying away to Washington D.C…

  • Mick Fealty

    Ach, you old curmudgeon Pete!!

  • Pete Baker

    Bah, humbug[?]

  • SlugFest

    To All,

    Stupid Question: Do you guys (irish/northern irish/british/nationality-confused) actually wear green on St. Paddy’s Day? My parents (first generation americans — both irish) strongly encouraged us to wear green as schoolchildren (on st. pat’s day, that is), and we went along with it only because it was the one day we didn’t have to wear our school uniform.

    anyway, i won’t go near a green sweater (jumper) these days, and i was just wondering …

  • fair_deal


    “That film looks pretty good alright, I’m going to try to catch it myself”

    I particularly like the line

    “People should not be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of their people”

    The poster of one Freedom. Forever. ain’t bad either but enough of this else i’ll be up all night watching braveheart.

  • Todd

    Chris, re Croke Park: Gallimh for the double!!!


    I’m taking my adult english class to an Irish pub in Paris.

    Though I’d much rather be watching V for Vendetta

    Nobody quite does fascism like Alan Moore.

  • fair_deal


    Don’t wear green but do display my St Patrick’s cross flag.

    fair_deal (as was the 09:18)


    The post of 9:19 was of course by me.


  • Mick Fealty2

    you philistine…

    …and THE parade on Fifth Ave. It’s like jacob’s “the original and the best! “

  • George

    I was always told to wear something green.

    The St. Patrick’s cross is a bit of an invention. You could always go for the Cross Patee but people would probably think you are maltese.

    As for green, the only bit of green you’ll need is on the tricolour 🙂

    Otherwise, the shamrock is the only green you really need. Unless of course you’re in Belfast where it will be rainbow coloured so as not to cause offence.

  • ingrammartin

    You see Mick , The securocrat blogging committee are required to work even on a Bank Holiday. Those nice inocent souls in the America`s have asked to be indoctrinated.

    rom: “Sandy Boyer” Add to Address Book
    Subject: Radio Free Eireamm
    Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 14:59:28 -0500

    Martin –

    We’d like to get you on the air from 4pm-5pm New York time (9-10pm
    time) on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday March 17. We will talk for about 1/2
    and then take phone calls.


  • Chris, re Croke Park: Gallimh for the double!!!

    I don’t think so, St Galls will be hard to beat.

  • SlugFest


    heh heh heh. i take it you’re not familiar with Sandy or the gang? chortle chortle.

    enjoy … and i think i’ll make a point of listening in just for fun.

    [posted by slugfest]

  • Roger Ramjet

    Martin, Martin, what souls in the America`s have asked to be indoctrinated? I can’t hear you you, you’re breaking up. Over and out.

  • ingrammartin

    slug ,

    Been on a few times mate . Last time over one hour coverage.


  • SlugFest


    Then you’re a better man than me.


  • SlugFest

    Fair Deal and Mick Fealty6,

    Thanks for your input.

    From an admittedly vain point of view, i think i’ve always been secretly anti-tricolour, as i’m quite pale. Green, orange, and/or white just ain’t my colors!

    [posted by slugfest]

  • SlugFest


    Sorry — missed your post. Thanks for the link — have you seen the movie? is it any good? (i don’t hold the Flint Film Festival in terribly high regard 😉 )

    I ABHOR the 5th Avenue Parade! Too many elbows in the ribs for my taste. A few years back i was leaving work (midtown) and literally bumped into my aunt, uncle and cousin who were dressed to the nines in Irish attire. No joke — the Aran sweaters, pom pom berets (tams?), shamrocks everywhere … if i didn’t love them so much i would’ve ran the other way less someone see me talking to those silly people!

  • missfitz

    Mick Fealty 6…
    Just a note on the St Patricks Cross. I dont know about it being an invention, it has a long and historic significance. It was most likely the Family flag of the Fitzgerald’s from about the 15th century, and “appeared” in 1601.

    The link you provided actually backs all of this up, and I really do contest your assertion that the saltire is an invention. On behalf of all Fitzgeralds everywhere, I doth protest

  • sarah

    Whats this about multi-coloured shamrocks ?

    I walked through Belfast City Centre this afternoon and quite a number of the shops are selling big green and white shamrock hats, glittery green shamrocks and other similar items.

    Can’t say i spotted any multi-coloured stuff for sale.

  • harpo

    Mitchel McLaughlin is to be in Toronto for St. Patrick’s Day and there is a dinner in his honour at the very reasonable rate of $50 per plate. It’s being put on by the Friends Of Sinn Fein (Canada) aka Friends Of Provisional Terrorism (Canada).

    I may engage in some pooh-stirring and hold a small demo outside the restaurant in the name of ‘Friends Of Toomebridge Republican Sinn Fein’ or something of that sort. Displaying banners suggesting that Bobby Sands didn’t die so that Provo in suits could swan around the world enjoying $50 per plate dinners.

    I wonder how that will go down? And if the protest gets out of hand I’d just like to say in advance that I had nothing to do with the rioting. In true RSF-style republicanism I plan to leave before there is any trouble.

  • GavBelfast

    A lie-in.

  • missfitz,

    “Family flag of the Fitzgerald’s”

    Indeed you are correct and it now appears on the Kildare county crest for that very reason.

    St. Galls for the win…
    (I live in Galway but I’ll have to defer to my Belfast blood on this one)

  • mickfealty6

    it very well may be a Fitzgerald crest but it doesn’t make it Patrick’s cross.

    The saltire is an invention.

  • Mike

    Um, yes of course the St Patrick’s flag is ‘an invention’.

    Are the St George’s, St Andrews’s and St David’s flags is some way ‘authentic’?

    BTW whoever came up with the multi-coloured shamrocks idea must surely have been taking the piss…


  • fair_deal

    “The saltire is an invention”

    The story of Patrick and the shamrock is a later embellishment of his story.

    The association of the day and the colour green can be questioned too ever hear of St Patrick’s Blue. The association of Ireland and green is also only a couple of hundred years old (if memory serves me right.

    “the multi-coloured shamrocks idea must surely have been taking the piss…”

    It was introduced last year by the nationalist festival groups who have organised previous events.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    In principal don’t feel I can celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day to be honest. Londonderry would be the largest celebration within 30 miles of me and with all the tricolour-waving and singing of songs such as “The Soldier’s Song” and “Fields of Athenry” I honestly don’t think I could enjoy myself without feeling intimidated and marginalized…probably how nationalists feel during the Twelfth I understand, but Saint Patrick is the patron saint of ALL the people of this island and I feel he has been hijacked to promote an “Oirish” identity at the expense of Unionist/Loyalist Britishness…

  • Nestor Makhno

    Getting back to the main point of the thread. Why are all of the screen adapatations of Alan Moore’s literate, thoughtful and original graphic novels always so crap?

    Friends with BitTorrent (ahem) tell me V for Vendetta is no exception.

    I just hope no one ever tackles Watchmen or the guy’s credibility will totally go down the pan.

  • Stephen Copeland


    In principal don’t feel I can celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day to be honest … [snip]… and I feel he has been hijacked to promote an “Oirish” identity at the expense of Unionist/Loyalist Britishness…

    The Apprentice Boys of Derry are organising a day of activities, also (surprise, surprise) in Derry.

    I quote:

    Events in the Memorial Hall on 17th March

    Following on from the success of previous years, the Apprentice Boys of Derry have planned another day of entertainment in the Memorial Hall on St Patrick’s Day.

    There will be entertainment throughout the day from 2.30pm untill 6pm, followed by a night of entertainment in the top hall to include:

    Norris Green Accordion Band, Liverpool
    Millar Memorial Flute Band, Belfast
    Bready & District Ulster Scots Pipe Band
    Sollus Highland Dancers
    Along with dancing to the Trevor Keyes Show Band.

    Tickets are available from the Memorial Hall, prices at £5 each.

    So, firstly, you can participate in St Patrick’s Day in Derry, and secondly, you can do it in a way that does not infringe on your identity.

  • Keith M

    I shall follow the example of our politicians and get the hell of this this country before invasion of the Plastic Paddies, teenage drunken louts and all manner of horribleness takes over our capital city.

    Instead I shall be in Stockholm celebrating with a country that knows how to enjoy a real festival (Melodifestival) without shambolic “patriotism” and drunkeness.

  • Keith M

    The 1.06 post was mine – Keith M

    Come on guys, get this sorted!

  • jeff

    Alan Moore documentary on at Belfast film festival if anyones interested….

  • Nestor Makhno

    Rather than ALan Moore, this is turning into a Philip K Dick identity crisis!

    I’m not SlugFest0 (or probably SlugFest5) I’m Nestor Makhno!

  • FK

    In the US the holiday has become like New Year’s … just a reason for many who can’t hold their booze to over indulge. I stay in to avoid watching people embarass themselves.

  • George

    To try keep St Patrick’s Day in perspective, I always think of the quote on the statue to him in Westport:

    “I am Patrick, a sinner, most unlearned, the least of all the faithful, and utterly despised by many.”

  • Nestor Makhno

    Oh – I’m forever SLugFest0 am I?!

    – Nestor

  • fair_deal


    Alan Moore does not endorse the adaption of V for Vendetta because he decided to stop endorsing any adaptions because of past disappointments.

    The film reviews are generally positive about this one though.

    fair deal