This is Ulster calling.

Mick had appealed for more Unionist bloggers and fair_deal has accepted the challenge. This blog is to see if I have mastered the technical know-howThe task Mick identified was someone to “brings to light the positive nature of protestant civil society”. However, he also added a challenge to slugger contributors that such stories have been “a constant subject of pejorative (and largely ignorant) attack by Slugger readers, politicians and the media in general. I hope to meet my challenge as I hope shall the rest of you.

PS The blogging may mean I have to reduce my participation in debates somewhat so if I dont’t get back as often or thoroughly as I have in the past please accept my apologies.
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  • Pete Baker

    I don’t wish to question Mick’s apparent directive, Fair Deal… but I’d say – blog what you want.. just do it well :o)

    Good luck.

  • SlugFest

    Godspeed, Fair Deal!

  • Blog well, blog often and be prepared to face the wrath of many.

  • Betty Boo

    Welcome to the traveller into the uncertain light.

  • missfitz

    Does this make you poacher turned gamekeeper? Any way, good on you for taking up the challenge fair deal, and I look forward to your contributions.

    whoever slugger thinks I should be this time……

  • Comrade Stalin

    fair_deal, we often disagree but you put your arguments forward coherently and with an eye on the facts. Best of luck and stick at it.

    Comrade Stalin

  • Delighted to see that you have taken up the challange! I’m sure you’ll fly the flag for us Jaffas 😉

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Welcome aboard FD, you’ve been a first-class commentator and I look forward to your blog entries.

  • The Devil

    Yeah dead on,

    Another down trodden sally rod with two jobs and three cars trying to compete with the Shinners in the crying game,jesus do you people never learn you can’t outcry or out offended a Shinner they’re bred to it from the cradle to the grave for Christ sake…..

    Shag it if your going to have a go just remember to try and not bore us to death.

  • Brian Boru

    I know that the unionist cause is hard to defend, so good luck (you’ll need it) to you fair_deal! 😉

  • Martin

    Good luck Fair Deal.

    Thank God your a Unionist and not another PD.

  • heck

    I agree that sluggerotoole needs some good defenders of unionist position.

    When I lived in Norn Iron I never had a good argument with my unionist colleagues about the political situation. It was something that was not done in polite company or in the work place.

    This site in one that gives the opportunity to debate with “the other side” (gad I hate that phrase!!)

    We probably won’t convince each other but at least we can gain an understanding of the others point of view. I think I have a thick skin and can even take a bit of “playing the man”.

  • BogExile


    Good Man!

    Blog early, blog often. Speak with a stick and carry a big softly.


  • Jo

    Cheers, a good choice/decision 🙂

  • Cead maile failte