The benefits of writing a blog…

Although Malachi O’Doherty no longer has a column with the Belfast Telegraph, he’s still writing on his website. Jude Collins and Danny Morrison are also prominent commentators with their own web portals. All of these are early movers with regard to the net, but none have taken the ‘leap into the dark’ that politicians in Britain (like Tom Watson and Boris Johnson and the Republic (like Liz McManus and Damien Blake) the media has been slow to get on board with the blogging revolution. Not so in Britain (reg needed). My personal favourite amongst the new boys is Aaronovitch:

What is more, he says, there is something very appealing about writing a blog. “I enjoy the sense of belonging to a community. For someone like me, who finds it easier to talk to people on the internet instead of face-to-face – I am not incredibly gregarious or sociable – it is a perfect medium. In other words, as ever, the medium suits the people who use it. And there will be people it doesn’t suit. But if columnist-blogging develops properly, we will put our articles from various places on these sites, put our diaries and random thoughts there too, and construct a much more rounded personality.”

Readers are treated to Aaronovitch’s Times articles and thoughts on everything from Simon Hughes’s sexuality and George Galloway’s Big Brother showboating to news of a jogging injury that may yet prevent him from running the London marathon.

“If you want to be talked about in certain circles in South Africa, Australia or the US,” he says, “I think it helps if you blog. Certainly newspapers like the Guardian and the Times are pretty keen these days on their writers blogging.”

Now, we have a few vacated slots in our blogging team. So if you’re a columnist or journalist and you want to find your own “blog legs”, then just drop me a line at the email address above!

  • Pete Baker

    “we have a few vacated slots in our blogging team”

    We do? 😉

    Btw.. there’s also David Milliband, MP and Local Government Minister, who is hoping to start a blog.. provided no-one in Cabinet objects, that is.. (If I can find the report on that again I’ll add the link.)

  • Pete Baker

    Here we go.. Blogging Minister worries Whitehall

    Do you think someone could convince Michael McDowell, just as an example, to give it a go?

  • wondering

    Its your site and you can do what you want etc…..

    But, I was wondering if you had considered a little more of the female voice when contemplating additional bloggers. I think it would be useful and provide some additional balance.

  • Mick Fealty

    Is that an offer? We have had two women bloggers on our role, but we’ve not heard from either for some months. I’m very keen to establish a strong female voice on Slugger.

  • missfitz

    that was me there, mick.
    I’m going to sound coy like Fair deal now, but what would you be looking for? I enjoy contributing, and certainly can spare the time, but I dont think I have an exclusively female orientation on issues.

  • Pete Baker

    *Stepping in*

    Blog what you want to note as important, missfitz.

    As long as it’s done well.

    That’s the only criteria. 😉

    [oh.. and email Mick for further discussions]

  • missfitz

    Thanks Pete, I might just do that.

  • Pete Baker

    Please do, missfitz.

    I agree with Mick that we would benefit from a more diverse range of contributors.