Lecturers follow postmen on strike

The Gown Blog has news of an impending strike by lecturers at Queens and the University of Ulster. It will also affect Queens students at Northern Ireland’s two teacher training colleges, Stranmillis and St Mary’s.

  • Dave

    I think it is disgraceful that lecturers are going to hold their students to ransom to make a point to government. Surely there must be some other way. Will the students get a refund of the tuition fees they now pay?

  • Keith

    Will the students even care???

  • Raymond

    This has nothing to do with the government, which has stated in Parliament that it favours a substantial pay rise for academics. It has everything to do with the fact that our employers (i.e., those who run Universities) do not want to give us a pay rise, or even seriously engage with us in relation to the appalling level of academic pay.

    We actually lose a day’s pay for each day of strike. University administrators are obviously free to use that money to return tuition fees to students, or to make arrangements for temporary teachers. That they have not even attempted to do so speaks volumes about how committed to students they are.

  • Keith

    Well that was a strange affair. Compared to the Postal strike it was all very polite. No chanting or anything on the march into Belfast, I was rather disappointed.

    I wonder how long this action will continue, and if it will affect my summer exams.