Scottish Parliament [building] falls apart

Originally estimated to cost £40million in 1997, the final cost on completion in 2004, 3 years late, was £431million. Today, two years after it opened, and with a gaggle of architectural awards on the mantelpiece, the Scottish Parliament Building at Holyrood started to fall apart at the seams. A 12ft by 1ft oak beam came loose from the ceiling and was left swinging 20ft above the seats of the Conservative MSPs, one of whom said afterwards, “There has been a serious structural failure in one of the trusses that supports the roof of the debating chamber.” And you thought money was wasted at Stormont? Here’s a time-line of the Scottish Parliament building project.

  • Brian Boru

    I don’t think that’s “falling apart”. Just a hitch. It will be sorted out. 🙂

  • JK

    Must be sabotage to have become loose over the Tories in Scotland. The proverbial needle in a haystack springs to mind

  • D’Oracle

    Could it not just be at least possible that prolonged exposure to hot air can produce unexpected effects on oak beams in practically no time at all

  • Nicholas G. Moses

    That hideous monstrosity cannot fall apart quickly enough.