Isn’t every day a book day?

Well, apparently today is, in particular, World Book Day, as I’ve been reminded by some excellent posts by several bloggers on the topic. And I agree with them all.. ’cause that’s the kind of guy I am. I suppose I should add that yes, I have The List of books, which is continually being added to .. and yes, I already have The Pile of books to be read, which is also continually being added to (the sequence in The Pile is subject to revision at any time). Update Auds adds a list for your favourite niece/nephewSeemingly, unlike the other Piles out there, mine consists of mostly non-fiction at the minute, not completely, but mostly, and dominated by my obsession with the development of science in the 17th Century, along with some loosely connected topics. The most recent addition being The Diary of John Evelyn, published to mark the tri-centenary of his death in 1706, assorted volumes on, or by, Sir Francis Bacon, including Lisa Jardine’s biography, to add to her biography of Christopher Wren, and some fascinating stuff on Paracelsus, The Devil’s Doctor Philip Ball’s biography of the 16th Century alchemist who travelled throughout Europe, including Ireland – it’s accompanied by the Paracelsus: Essential Readings for reference.

And to answer Richard Waghorne’s unasked question that’s how I put my Pile together.. I go on a binge.. and add, and add, and add.. whenever something looks vaguely connected to the loose thread of inquiry I’m following it goes on The List, or The Pile. Which at least explains why I have Leviathan and the Air-pump on The Pile… and it explains why I’ve, always, a lot of catching up to do.. now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a book to read..