Ormeau Baths Gallery protest…


The Newsletter says it was over a hundred strong protest outside the Ormeau Baths Gallery yesterday, but from this photo from Carisenda, it looks like more. Liz Kennedy reports: “any in the crowd who were grant assisted by ACNI were reluctant to give their names to the press, but voiced anger and shock at what was perceived as “high-handed” action by the funding body.
Others noted that ACNI had declared a number of reasons for the closure of the gallery, including unsustainability and loss of confidence in the management, but were deemed to have provided little evidence for those claims”.

  • On The Passing On Ormeau Baths Gallery

    “I’ll be here till I die, creeping alone genteel roads, on a stranger’s bike.”
    -Samuel Beckett, letter to George Reavey, 8 Oct 1932

    We bathed, yet may not bathe again
    Until supple bestowers give
    Down their purse to relieve our pain
    And copper lives in which we live;
    For lifetimes bided in the stew
    Of poor silence, in the dark brink,
    Are rarely gilded, and the few
    That do are well to even think.
    We live through work, our hands for guides
    To scintillate a sight onto
    The common canvas of our hides,
    Our makeshift skin scored through and through;
    So let us praise this noble lore
    That helps to mark our hardy sands,
    Counting the days while minds implore
    To take their lives out from tied hands.
    Cords may dry out, wither and die,
    Our breath may creep down genteel roads
    Bypassing cold, old strangers’ eyes
    Out of reach from most liberal goads,
    Yet I swear this: we will bathe again
    In waters flowing fast and free;
    In here, our life’s pursuit remains:
    Our house is safe in memory.