They make a noise like feathers..

[IMG][/IMG]So, where were we?.. Oh yes.. the Sinn Féin MP Martin McGuinness says the proposals for a shadow Assembly are “completely unacceptable to Sinn Féin” and, according to RTÉ, that, if there is no progress by April, the Assembly should be abolished. Meanwhile the DUP’s MEP Jim Allister says, “In the Belfast Agreement form it [devolution] is patently unacceptable, inherently unstable and destructive of unionist interests… if there is to be devolution, then, it must be on a fresh and radically different basis.”.. Like leaves.. Like ashes.. Like leaves.


  • Singing from the same hymnsheet… and talking sense!! Anyone would think something mad is happening, like snow in spring! Of course the Assembly and agreement should be abolished. Its inherently unstable and unworkable. Would many other constitutions still be breathing if they’d been effective for less than 2 years out of the 8 since signature?

  • fair_deal

    The DUP tactic of offering ‘something’ rather than an improbable ‘everything’ seems to have had an impact on the governments thinking.